Techland Takes Attendance for Dying Light 3

Is the third round coming?

It appears Techland has already begun plans in preparation for Dying Light 3. Though there’s no yet an official announcement the time being, a poll through Twitter from Director Tymon Smektala has caused some controversy.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human which was released in the year 2000 was a huge hit. The story is told through the eyes of assume the role Aiden Caldwell and go to the city of Villedor and search for Mia, our sister who has disappeared. Mia. We are aware that Techland promises that a five-year support for content will be provided prior to the game’s launch has been working on a mystery project that is keeping its word. It appears that Techland is Polish company is planning to introduce a second game under Dying Light. Dying Light brand.

Techland Secretly Pressed the Button for Dying Light 3

Director Tymon Smektala, who initiated an online poll on Twitter and said that, the reason he didn’t announce an announcement about Dying Light 3, he stated that when they were studying the final details for Gut Feeling, which will be made available in Dying Light 2, they couldn’t come to a conclusion together and sought help from people who follow them. It is helpful to know that, if they decide to release Dying Light 3 as Techland which specificity will the main character be more enthusiastic about.

Although it appears to be an ordinary survey, we believe that the preparation for the third game has begun slow and the decision regarding the character of the game will be decided in the group. Why would anyone ask such a an inexplicably random question? This could be seen as a form of polling and track the changes.

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On the other hand the forthcoming Gut Feeling update will include significant improvements to physics and combat effects, as well as new methods to remove the limbs of enemies, change the appearance of gear (transmog) as well as a brand the creation of new weapons, and it will be accessible from April 20 through May 4 2023. Viral will also feature the Rush event as well as the Pilgrim’s Post where players can keep track of communities’ events and receive rewards and earn Pilgrim tokens.

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