Forspoken Content to be released in May

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The date of release of In Tanta We Trust, the Forspoken content that we mentioned in our latest news about returning from Luminous Productions studio to Square Enix The date has been clarified. The final leg of our journey into the world of Athia will begin in May.

The preparations in preparation for In Tanta We Trust content for Forspoken which was developed through Luminous Productions for PC (Epic Games Store, Microsoft Store and Steam) and PlayStation 5 and published by Square Enix, continue.

Forspoken Content to be released in May

It was released on the Friday of May 6 2023, the material will serve as a prequel to Forspoken and will be set 25 years prior to the events in Forspoken’s main plot. Our protagonist, on his mission to rid the world of the toxic air known as Break that corrodes nearly everything, starts to listen to an unidentified voice that takes to a place which will eventually lead him onto that of the Purge of Rheddig. The Purge of the Rheddig is an iconic battle that decimates the world of Athia and makes the Tantas in charge.

Utilizing Tanta Cinta along with her brand new magic skills sets we’ll attempt to discover the answers you’re looking for and save the world of Athia for the second time and ourselves completely.

With our new magic capabilities that you’ll be able to employ new strategies for skirmish and devise powerful attack combinations against Rhedding power. With our character’s advanced parkour capabilities and abilities, we’ll be able to climb new heights within unique and vertically designed spaces.

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If you’ve bought the Digital Deluxe version of the game, you’ll have access to In Tanta We Trust content without cost and up to three days ahead. Furthermore, those who purchased the standard edition of the game will be able purchase the game on their own.

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