Final Fantasy XVI development complete

The development of XVI, which is the final chapter of the Final Fantasy series, one of the first pioneers in the genre of action-RPG is now complete. The countdown to release has been initiated.

Final Fantasy XVI completed

In this way, we can conclude that development is completed. Physical copies of the game will be immediately released. At this point the teams will begin working to fix the remaining issues and bugs in the game. The team will work to offer the best possible experience for the players at the date of release.

The game will be only available for PS5 console for six months, will be exclusive to PS5 console until the end of June, play with PC gamers. Producer Naoki Yoshida has warned in earlier blog posts that PC gamers shouldn’t wait for the game after the six month period, in which FF XVI was released exclusively for Playstation 5. According to his comments it could take a bit longer to release for the PC platform following the completion of the time.

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