3DMark Wins Test Feature in AMD FSR2 Technology

As you may have guessed, 3DMark is a very well-known benchmarking tool. The software was previously supported of NVIDIA DLSS as well as Intel XeSS technologies. With AMD FSR 2 compatibility the upgrade technology is complete.

3DMark is now offering an “feature assessment” for the open-source upgrade software FSR 2.2 that works to AMD, NVIDIA and Intel graphics cards. You can now check how effective the super resolution technique works for your hardware. It is compatible with a variety of FSR resolutions, as well as resolutions. It also supports two different quality profiles. An additional feature is added that lets us examine FSR and native resolutions side-by-side.

This FSR 2.2 test is an adaptation of the Speed Way test suite with Ray Tracing deactivated. According to the instructions, the process is that first some tests are run in native resolution using temporarily enabled anti-aliasing (TAA) Then, the second test is performed in lower resolution using FSR 2 mode chosen. Based on the information received, data regarding the FPS differences between two scenarios as well as the impact of FSR 2 is given.

FSR 2 features testing is now available as a no-cost update for users with 3DMark Advanced and Professional editions.

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