The layoffs start at Amazon Games Will Prime Gaming be affected?

The layoffs that were ongoing for some time at Amazon have now been reflected within the section for gaming. Prime Gaming, Amazon Games, Amazon Games' San Diego studio, laid more than 100 employees.

Today, a brand new one is made to join the list of layoffs which have been in place for quite a while at Amazon. In search of ways to reduce costs throughout the company, Amazon announced the layoffs of more than 100 workers in its gaming divisions that includes Prime Gaming, Game Growth along with Amazon Games’ San Diego studio.

The layoffs will begin on Amazon Games

Amazon stated that it was changing its strategy as the reason for the cuts, but did not provide additional information. The company did, however, Amazon Gaming Vice President Christoph Hartmann stated that some employees are given new assignments and the teams located in Irvine and Montreal will continue to expand. But, those who are being laid off will be able to get severance payments as well as health benefits, and also paid time off in order to find job.

It is well-known that Amazon didn’t get what it wanted in the business of game development. While the online RPG New World was a hit, the game New World received critical acclaim and was free to play, the shooter Crucible was abruptly canceled. We also saw the director of studio John Smedley, step off his post earlier in the year.

Nowadays, many businesses like Amazon are working to cut costs as a result of the post-pandemic recovery as well as the global recession. In this light, Amazon recently announced that additional 9,000 employees will join the laid-offs process which lasted from November through January and included more than 18,000 workers. We can say that the announcement isn’t surprising.

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