Intel shut down these processors!

Intel is at the forefront of discussions with regard to its declining share of the market for processors recently has cut its support for Gemini Lake Refresh processors.

Intel has been on the radar recently due to its decline in the market for processors. But, the company has changed the design of certain processors and has also stopped certain processors. The latest news regarding the company’s newest product update was reported by its Intel Gemini Lake Refresh processor. According to the reports Intel will end support for some of its processors!

Intel has removed support for Gemini Lake Refresh processor lineup

Its Intel Gemini Lake Refresh processor series was released in the year the year 2019. The series was created as a re-design of the first Gemini Lake processors, these lower-end products last longer over the initial Gemini Lake. The difference is that Intel has divided this changes into two classes: Pentium and Celeron.

The first one comprises of Celeron N4120 Celeron 4020 as well as Pentium Silver N5030. The other is comprised of Celeron J4025 Pentium Silver J5040 and Celeron n4020C and Celeron J4125. This processor family is usually located in entry-level or ultra-low-power computer systems.


All of this said being said, it is worth noting that the Gemini Lake Refresh series processor models, which have support been withdrawn The following are the models:

  • Pentium Silver J5040
  • Pentium Silver N5030
  • Celeron J4125
  • Celeron N4120
  • Celeron J4025
  • Celeron N4020
  • Celeron N 4020C

In Intel documents The company is expected to ship its first CPU batch on April 24, 2024, and the second batch on February 23 2024. The final orders of both group will be delivered by November 24, 2023, and on August 25th, 2023 respectively.

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According to reports that Gemini Lake Refresh will be almost complete, brand new low-cost devices will have Jasper Lake processors by default. So, more modern 10nm chips, believed to provide more performance are expected to be available. This is very favorable for consumers.

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