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We have a review of Minecraft Legends. Minecraft Legends review content, we look more closely at this game from the series that has a brand new and unique style.

It’s been over 10 years since Minecraft was developed by Mojang Studios, was released. It is it is a sandbox, where resources are gathered for survival and new items are created using resources, and a variety of enemies are faced, mostly using its block-based design.

In addition, because of the genre of it, it showed our building abilities and curiosity as we explored its vast world. In its course, was able to become the most popular game ever made in the game, with around 238 million copies. Following the release of Minecraft Dungeons, which was added to Steam as a dungeon-crawling kind, we’re returning with a completely different kind of.

The game’s genre is described as real-time and action. However, I’d like to point out from the very beginning that if you are a real-time strategist it is possible that you won’t discover what you’re searching for within this particular game. Therefore, I’m trying say that don’t expect Age of Empires, Red Alert. There is a strategy aspect however it’s much less deep. In reality, it could be stated that the action aspect is intense.

There’s a scenario option in the game as well as an arena mode allows you to play with group of friends. It is possible to use the game’s scenario modes either as a single players or with multiplayer that can be played with up to 4 players if you’d like. I’ll admit that even as a single player I was bored playing in the scenario mode.

If you play in a co-op group with friends, “You gather resources. Let me build the ‘base’. Let the other golem army join forces and beat the piglins” This was enjoyable for me. In the war mode you can battle with your colleagues against artificial intelligence or fight one another in teams of four players.


The tale of Minecraft Legends begins when piglins emerge through a portal into the Overworld and invading the world. In the course of this invasion the hero – you – has to save the Overworld. There is no one else to help you. mobs of your comrades creepers, zombies, and skeletons are with you too. There are even mob armies comprised of golems. Also, let’s talk about this: You could consider these events within the story as an alternate universe. Other than that, what are zombies to have to do with the world of Minecraft?

While it is a basic plot, it offers engaging story with high-humor cinematics. The director even made me think, “It wouldn’t be bad if they made an animated movie out of it”. Additionally the visual effects of the cutscenes created Minecraft that did not make an impression with the graphics in the game, seem surprisingly captivating.


Its gameplay is simple game logic that is based on the classic Minecraft elements. We collect resources, and make use of them to defend our villages and to eliminate the bases of our adversaries. This is the fundamental premise. Similar to this, when you are battling your opponents in a scenario-based game the only thing you have to do is defend your base and eliminate the base of your opponent.

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In the scenario mode, there are four difficulty levels within the game: famous, story legend and legendary. As you become more difficult the resources are less plentiful Piglin bases are increased and attacks by piglin against you increase in frequency.

Resource Management

We are able to build and destroy the enemy’s bases using the resources we gather. We also require materials to construct defenses and attacks. There is a way to fulfill the needs of our day-to-day life through the chests we have that we find in the villages. For scarcer resources like diamonds, the maps helps us and lets us locate the biome it’s within.

When we start the game, our guides titled Intuition Action, Intuition and Knowledge aid us. One thing I appreciated was that, instead of utilizing the invisible guides, they made three distinct characters that were incorporated into the story. Another thing I enjoyed was that they aided the actor to keep their respective names. For instance, Action can announce that there are more enemies coming while Premonition may be able to anticipate an attack by a village that could be in the near future.

The game is played in the third-person view. As an hero, you command golems by holding your flag held in your hands. You aren’t able to destroy enemy units using your sword. This is the place where your army comes to the rescue. Furthermore, golems can be found in different varieties like melee damage, ranged and supporters.

Artificial intelligence in the game as a whole isn’t very great. This was the thing I was having the most issues when playing with Golems. As an example, I designed an access ramp to the base of the enemy. I am able to see that my golem armies isn’t after me. As I was walking around shouting, “Hold on, let me find these”, I notice that they’ve been thrown down a ramp, and they are still waiting there. Our army has this same situation however, the enemy army can’t locate the target in a formal manner. For instance, during attack on our village they may break down walls at different locations instead of paying attention to the fountain.

You’ll feel like you’re playing the same game for a while before attacking your opponent’s bases. I generally set up the arrow tower and redstone launcher close to the base and then strike from the base. Of course, they’ve altered it in such that, even if you do add an extra area on the center portal using binoculars, it is not able to beat to the fireball launcher. If you put the defense in the trees, piglins won’t be seen, but you are able to attack the towers of defense.

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The problem is that you must eliminate the portal, which means you must return to the base along with your army several occasions until it is completely destroyed. But there is an advantage, in the event that you don’t intervene at the base of the enemy at the right time, they will be able to enhance and upgrade themselves.

There are bases in the game that have diverse characteristics like a herd of bastions the herd of prey and the herd of sports. In reality, as the game progresses as the scenario progresses, the top leaders of these swarms emerge at a point that can be described as “boss” according to him. But, as the basic attacks are repetitious and the variety of enemies on their own does not make a difference to the game.

Minecraft Legends also features the option of a night and day cycle. The world at night is more dangerous, and our towns and our allies are at risk. We can determine which areas the next attack is likely to be coming from the map and plan our actions to protect ourselves. If they strike at night, we need to fight for a few minutes.

The time of resistance is increased as the game gets more difficult. The difficulty of protecting the base makes it more fun at least when compared with base attacks. It is essential that you should not want to be idle all the time. You make changes in the fort of fate, increase your army, learn new structures for defense and attack and expand the limit of your resources. These were the aspects that helped reduce the feeling of boredom in me.

You could travel swiftly to villages that you’ve previously visited, and if you build a well-house and an access point to the region. However, let’s say that you are in the base of your enemy and at night, your base is attacked. Since isometric real-time strategies are not instantaneous it is not possible to immediately glance at the map, and then say to go check. This is the reason it’s not for gamers who prefer to play by themselves or offer more responsible gaming.

We can take down the structures we construct during the gameplay. There is no problem with structures like arrow towers, carpenter’s cabin. It is possible to make back the cash you put into it when you take it down it. But, when it gets close to the walls, construct it large and then take it down every inch. I could not find an answer to this.

Game that never stops

When you go into the menu, there’s no pause whatsoever. This is typical in online mode, but it is possible to stop the recording while playing in scenario mode on your own. It is good to know that if you go to your main menu it’ll be recorded the place you left it however a more practical pause button would be useful.

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But that’s not the issue that bothered me. I was not happy with the placement that the screen was placed. When you attack the base of the enemy the huge warning screen with a red border appears at the center of the display. In a game of strategy, the game’s field of view shouldn’t be closed in this manner at all, not even for a second. Let’s discuss multiplayer once more. Even as the number of players grows, the resources are taken in a collective manner. Although this shouldn’t be a problem if you play with your friends, it could be a challenge when you are playing with strangers.

Although the game doesn’t offer such a guarantee as it’s Minecraft I’d like some elements of imagination and personalization. Villages are similar. The defenses are built in villages. They’re identical because the structures are identical. There is no opportunity to come up with a unique design. I was even unsure of where I was from a couple of times. So, what I’m going say is that I would like there was more imagination.

Market Section

There’s also a market section within the game where you can purchase costumes, but there’s no money-making option in the game. There is also a section on myths in the market section, but I’m not able to give an opinion since there are no changes to the game as of yet.

Additionally, even though the character speaks somewhat as one of the Age of Empires villager, there’s an Turkish voice text option on the menu for the game. All the text in the game are written in Turkish. In terms of accessibility the game, there are three colors blindness options.

Keyboard/Mouse controls were very comfy, but I would have to admit that I was more comfortable using DualShock 4. DualShock 4. I’d like to add a the parenthesis: Controlling massive golems might be more feasible for this type of game.

Minecraft Legends retails for $39. If you want to know whether you have the Xbox Game Pass subscription, you can test the game on Xbox Game Pass. If you’re satisfied you can purchase it on another platform on which it is accessible. There are many more games similar to this one at this cost or less expensive.

You can buy Minecraft Legends on Xbox, Steam, Nintendo Store and PlayStation Store.

Minecraft Legends - Review

So So! - 6.3


So So!

The strategy component of the game isn't particularly in depth. However it is a hit with an broader audience. It's a game in which you can compete or in a group with your colleagues, but you're likely to be bored on your own.

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