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Today we’re playing the game that was ridiculed by the media for gaming. Scars Above is actually not the best game if you look at its budget and its status as the very first game by the team who developed the game. While it has some great ideas however, it makes huge errors. However, does it merit the harsh criticism and low scores? Let’s look all…

Get your teeth gritty a to see if that the scene will open…

Scars Above welcomes us in a familiar scenario. A metahedron-like structure could one day appear within our Solar System. While the entire world is discussing the exact nature of this object an organization called SCAR (it provides an explanation of course however, even the explanation is cliché) is sent to the object in order to investigate the structure. The spaceship that we have with our four members is about to meet the object, a series of violent jumping events take place and the protagonist Kate Ward. Kate Ward wakes up all by herself on an entirely alien planet.

Kate is also amazed that she breathes without oxygen tanks or anything else and she managed to leave her shipwrecked vessel with not a scratch on her body, and her companions are not around… We are trying to figure out the problem.

I’m with you on this, “it’s a cliche!” Although I yelled at the time the words, this story can provoke a flutter in the mind of a person. The issue isn’t the script in itself however, it’s the way in which it’s presented. The script begins with poor and unprofessional dialogues, and these shoddy decisions… The audience doesn’t have an opportunity.

However, there’s an interesting situation that occurs when the game gets more complicated the story begins to unfold in a rapid manner. The narrative becomes more fascinating, and the answers to the questions lead to diverse questions to be raised The scenario retains you playing until the conclusion to the end. However, it’s difficult to claim that he accomplished this with a high degree of professionality. Poor dialogue, unsincere relationships can still cause you to feel smug throughout the game. 🙂

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Between AAA and AA Like AaA for instance…

As I stated in my introduction to the game, it began without any major budget to back it. It’s the sole game from the producer Mad Head Games. However the graphics are excellent. The alien world looks amazing. If we talk about coatings, reflectionsand weather elements like snow/rain as well as water and forest We have a graphic presentation that is far above my expectations of an AA class game. In terms of performance, it’s pretty robust on PC.

However… You guys I’m thinking Scars Above is the game with the most unsatisfactory facial animations that I’ve ever witnessed in my entire life. The characters seem so uninterested and indifferent, they’re stupid… Furthermore it’s not just in the game as well in the later videos. The characters are like masks , they blink, and then shut their mouths and open them at times. Isn’t that an incredible lack of sight to make the best graphics and not pay as much pay attention to facial animations?

A group of people who are passionate about and play soul-sapping games

We’ve arrived at the location which clarion describes as “fichuu fichuu, an alien form.” “… Even though the game has adopted the design that is “a little more than a little of that”, we can conclude that it is primarily soul-like structure. Through pillars that resemble bonfires from the classic Dark Souls games, we are able to save the game at specific points, and should we die before these areas then we curse and hit the keyboard. It is not necessary to elaborate on each point one at a time I’m sure anyone who has read these lines has a good understanding of the genre. However, there are some aspects that are not in the general guidelines in the genre.

For instance, the game has a linear gameplay. Open world elements are virtually absent. Even though we can choose to explore large maps from time the moment, it’s impossible to expand beyond the traditional gameplay since the destinations we’ll visit and the actions we’ll accomplish are well-defined. I’m not saying that this isn’t a bad thing I’m also a fan of this kind of approach to soul-like games. I believe it was an excellent option in Scars Above as well.

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If you mention soulslike games that make you be able to pull hair, throw gamepads around and shout at the family are the first thoughts that come to the mind. Are Scars Above included within this class? That’s an open question…

The game can be quite challenging initially, however, it’s also the case that it becomes easier as we get access to all sorts of weapons and equipment towards the close. Also, what I refer to as”souls difficulties “souls difficulty” is just an attempt to smirk at that “difficulty of making everyone hate everything, everyone and the entire universe”. Though it is a slight hug to the spirit of fighting within the individual, it’s impossible to conclude”souls” is an actual problem generally, due to this reason.

And, by the way I’m compelled to suggest using the game on the hard mode to appreciate playing the game to its fullest. I’m not sure why this mode is included in such games, but considering the gameplay’s structure I’m fairly certain it’s going to be boring in normal or easy mode.

Pens are more powerful than the sword

The most noticeable aspect that the player can play is combat and dynamic. Our protagonist, Kate, is not an actual warrior or soldier rather an expert in science. Thus, even though she’s slightly clumsy at the front, she doesn’t shy away from creating and using various weapons and equipment.

There are four primary weapons categories in the an elemental structure which Kate is able to use. There are various weapons within four categories, including electricity, iceand fire and poison. These weapons can be used in different combinations using the elements available. Are you fighting in the water? Put glue on the gun with electricity… Also, is it raining? Then give the ice to your opponent as it’s wet, it will melt quicker. When you consider these elements fighting is entertaining and instructive. Furthermore, there are additional tools, like shields, grenades, and antidotes that can help improve the tactical aspects of the game. In terms of combat, I can say that combat tactics are very effective with regards to variety.

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The other gameplay elements aren’t terribly bad when fighting. A satisfying feeling of hitting Stamina bar control with an aggressive feeling, dodge mechanics, etc. In reality, it is clear the success Scars has been in these aspects.

Clever, but doesn’t work

Apart from the various things we talked about, Scars Above actually has an impression that of “non-existence” throughout the game. It’s unclear if it’s the result of a time-lapse or technical team disruption and, with some finishing, we’ll be talking about a better game. There are many other issues to consider, like mistakes in jump-jump animations poor face designs or even the inconspicuous mistakes that hinder our progress occasionally can be enough to motivate the player to begin playing with a bias. But, it’s an absolute fact that the game has the hidden gem that will be discovered while playing.

In summation, Scars Above was a game that could have been better, but it ended up putting its way into the heels. If you can get rid of any prejudices that will be a part of the beginning of the game, and you’re a bit patient, I am able to say that a pleasurable experience is waiting for you. In the present in which life moves at such a rapid pace and everything can be consumed fast it’s simply impossible to expect every player to exert the same effort and perseverance.

Scars Above - Review

So-So! - 6.3


Not Bad!

The game isn't as great as it could be and won't leave the players who are patient. The fans of the genre could take a look in the event that its general lack of professionalism and a variety of errors don't get on your nerves.

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