Somerville – Review: Inside and Limbo lovers Do not miss this game!

If you like games that are e-like, such as Inside and Limbo It is a must take a look at this sci-fi adventure of a father who is trying to get his family back from the aliens who are threatening his family.

I am a huge fan of these types of games. Let me explain. If we don’t consider the Atari period, I believe this is because I’m part of the generation that entered the world of PC games coincides with the time period in Another World. While I don’t have enough time to complete all the games, I cannot let games such as Inside, Limbo, Kentucky Route Zero, 7th Sector, Black, Stela, The Swapper and Toby (I highly recommend you take the time to look the games). Somerville is one of the games. In fact, when I first heard about the game at the end of June 2017 I was very exuberant. The reason I was so excited was the fact that the game was part of Jumpship, the newest game studio founded by Dino Patti, one of the creators of Playdead. I thoroughly enjoyed playing. Look over the review and see what you feel about it.

Family man is heroized

Somerville places us in the position of a typical father, and could be the tallest superhero I’ve ever been able to control, and then we’re left with the most bizarre scenario : an aliens invading! In a scene that evokes the film Arrival gigantic monoliths fall from the sky. Unfortunately, they don’t appear like they’re peaceful. Since there are spoilers going forward I’ll only say that our protagonist left his family members and began an adventure not just to survive, but also to be able to find them again in spite of everything.

I’ve mentioned that the latest game from an older Playdead founder is akin to two classic games. It’s not that bad however, first of all it’s not restricted to the 2D plane as well as not only about puzzles or platforms. The similarities are more apparent in the style of art and the narrative and it’s not difficult to link the visuals of this game to Inside and even you weren’t aware of that it was. The entire game is based on the art, atmosphere, and gameplay. There isn’t a voiceover or narration, aside from occasional grunts or cries. It’s a simple style and I believe that it works perfectly here. Although the colors may be somewhat dull, they’re beautiful. This game may not be suitable for all players however, those who enjoy this kind of style will be delighted. Absolutely a gorgeous looking game.

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An engaging concept, a bit difficult to implement

In terms of the gameplay. While watching the video and having played hundreds of similar games I didn’t think that I would come across the same game mechanic. Apart from an impressive description of the world, sci-fi elements, and a unique style, these controls can be quite a laugh and could cause the game to be a bit challenging to play.

The first thing I noticed was that the decision to not allow players to just navigate in a 2D plane that has the background in 3D was a bit irksome to me. It’s true that it’s a blocker to the quality for the game, however in a few situations it can make it difficult to manage precisely. For instance there was an instance where I needed to run quickly, when the character was stuck in the terrain and I fell to my death. If you’ve been playing Little Nightmares will know what I’m talking about. Additionally the slow movements of the character adds tension, while trying to escape from something.

It does not also guide the player as to the best way to spend their time in Somerville or what to do next. In the beginning, a street or a thing is highlighted with yellow in a way. As the process of learning ends and the process progresses the signs get increasingly difficult to read. My advice for you is to figure out all puzzles and mechanics structures correctly at the beginning 🙂

It isn’t dynamic as it did before!

People who read my reviews have discovered that I don’t want to play games with no story. In general, I can follow stories fairly well, and I enjoy science fiction. But, I must admit that when the credits finally began to roll there were some issues that were not settling in my mind. I’m sure the players come up with a variety of conclusions. If anyone have completed the game I would be grateful sharing their thoughts with me in the discussion.

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Somerville is awash with diverse and exciting locations, from being out in the wilderness and being isolated in dark and spooky caves to witnessing the magnificent stage of a festival that was subsequently wiped out following the invasion, and highways brimming with abandoned cars where the people ran for shelter. The film depicts a grim world in which humanity seems entirely defeated, however there are some sweet moments of joy and optimism along the way despite being hunted by unknown invaders.

The final chapter is just a bit long.

Amazing interactions like the moment you get your child’s back (I am even able to claim an award in this regard and I’m pretty sure parents will too however I’m not able to demonstrate that) and the dog in your family constantly climbing over you gives the game a sombre but optimistic mood. The sci-fi aspects of the game are gaining prominence more and more, the humans are slowly falling behind. Particularly, the final part of the game is an unimaginable level that you could be lost on what to do. I’ll give you some advice for this. Sometimes, it seems like you’re repeating the same series But don’t fret it’s not broken. Keep playing the way you’re doing it 🙂

Somerville - Review

Nice! - 7.6



Although it's not as stimulating like the game that inspired it Somerville is a promising project by a brand new studio, making you consider and experience the theme and its events such as characters and scenes by using visual storytelling. However, Somerville can't seem to remove himself from the shadow of the Playdead's plight and consequently, it doesn't offer anything that we've not experienced before. It's still an enjoyable experience that begins slow , but gets more exciting when you play, and is supported with good puzzles as well as intense action. It's a five to six-hour game that lovers of this genre shouldn't miss. You must definitely play it because it's available on Gamepass. I'm sure that you will be unable to quit the game until it's completed.

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