Cats along with the Other Lives – Review

Oh, Those Cats..

What do you see from the perspective of the eyes of a cat? Think of it: something huge is putting you in a closed space, nothing is familiar to you, and you often observe an animal (from our perspective or the flying hamburger) or some other thing that you don’t allowed to hold it. It treats you, cares for you, is angry at times and then goes away quickly…

The game Here Cats And the Other Lives The game, played with the cat’s eyes is a game with a philosophy that is similar to this concept. What can we discover about the story that is that is limited to what cats can accomplish?

The biggest fear we have is turning into our snobby parents…

When Bernard is who is the head of the rich and powerful Masonic family, dies The dispersed members of the family gather to celebrate the funeral. Of of course, there are some secrets Bernard has kept to himself, an expensive lavish mansion nobody can afford on their own and like one would think of from an Cultic Games game, supernatural abilities.

It’s an extremely strange experience to wander around as an animal in a family which is in issues at times such as this. On one side, everyone in the family have issues. Some said they’d rather be apathetic to his father, he made a 180 degree turn and became into the most domineering mother ever. While others are trying to pursue their goals however, they find themselves overwhelmed by the difficulties in making their dream happen. A child who is not eligible to be considered a part of the family or cheating, lying…

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We, Aspen as a yellow and chubby cat, stroll through the home from left to right.

The ones who are able to forget their problems when they look at Aspen and make noises and shout, “Aspen, get out of the way”; being a house cat can be an extremely difficult job. Particularly in a place such as this.

When I said you’re restricted to what cats could accomplish, I was taking it with a serious meaning. You can crawl under the sofas or climb up the shelves play with your wits and then run out of the home. However, if you do run out, say it’s impossible to make it to the bedroom via speedy travel or anything else.

However it is not possible to open windows and doors on your own. Someone must open the door for you.

In the present, playing the game through following people is a completely different strategy. There are puzzles however the actions you’re able to perform are cat-like actions. It’s the head execution portion. (There are also some hints to follow for you to follow if you wish.) Of course, various signals in the game inform you where to go. You can either utilize your sense of smell and hearing as an animal or you’re hungry and need to find your food dish. It is a matter of finding where you have to be.

Subject modelled as an animal

While I enjoy Cats and the Other Lives extremely, there are certain aspects that caught my attention It could be that these sunks could be due to my having was quickly to write reviews.

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The fact that we’re witnessing the events from the perspective of the cat makes us move between cinematic and cinematic, especially in the second part of the episode. Also, there are puzzles that appear to have been thrown in to make puzzles. These are the jokes that we have to work on to keep Will to keep the door from the door, but they are nothing when compared to the puzzles like the idea of putting a baby to bed or following a clue that we heard about in one location and then locating the missing object in another.

Despite the minor issues, Cats and the Other Lives is an enjoyable, engaging and small game. It’s definitely one of the indie games from the US that must be played this year.


An engaging tale with intriguing fantasies of the supernatural, split familyand cute yellow cat. Cats as well as the Other Lives is a must experience for fans of light puzzles as well as those who love games that are based on stories.

Worth a look! - 7.9


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