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There have been many city-building games that include survival elements like Frostpunk available on the market. It is important to consider that many games in this type are very successful. In 2022, at the time of its conclusion there was a new member called IXION entered the genre. This game where the challenge to survive, urban building strategies and space exploration were all involved in the game it was impossible to avoid IXION. In this game we’re heading to the future, which is a little near. In this present, Earth is on the brink of collapse and mankind is currently exploring the universe in search of an alternative living space. In this, too, we are a part of the game.

A specific story is told using IXION. In fact the first negative element of the game is revealed in this story. While the narrative of this story is enjoyable for various reasons, the story is rather boring. If you’ve played sci-fi games, watched television films or shows and read novels, then you’ll be bored by the tale. Even though the story is cliché and has no unique components, the dramatic sequences employed for storytelling as well as the exciting events of the story keep you engaged in a pleasing manner. The game is able to present a boring story in a way that is epic.

Normally, I discuss the presentation elements in the final part of my reviews, however I’m trying to be different for IXION The graphics that the game offers are breathtaking and that’s why you are willing to endure this tale. The game gives you the impression of space and a unique ambience with its amazing graphics. In terms of visuals I believe it’s difficult to fall in love with the theme of space and not fall in love with this game. I’m certain that what I’ve said about the visuals will be apparent in the pictures I’ll include to my review. I am able to say that the most minute aspect is considered important in these pictures and the game is a reflection of realistically.

If you take a close look at the city you’ve created in IXION you will be able to witness amazing detail. If you zoom your camera to capture the experience that IXION provides is unimaginable. The visual aspects in the game may not be perfect, however. Particularly the characters of the game appear to be poor in comparison to the surrounding features, and particularly when you move the camera closer, everyone assumes the shape of a chunk of dirt. Animations aren’t the strongest aspects of the game, in spite of. But, you are able to outdo these shortcomings by the quality of both the gameplay and visuals. Let’s get to the gameplay.

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IXION can provide plenty of distinctive aspects

IXION isn’t bringing lots of big and exciting advancements to its own genre. Instead, it is a blend of the best games game of the genre, and blends it with unique systems by themselves. For instance all the elements you’d are used to from a survival or city-building type game is found in this game. And in addition an advanced management system is introduced. This system lets you are in charge of your city internally and externally, as well as you go on a journey to explore the worlds. Of course, you must not overlook collecting materials and make everyone who live in your building content. Everything is a result of these resources and individuals.

The IXION game, where you have to control the inside, we are confronted with the basics that is the basis of this game. Many of the content we see is found here, and we typically control our teams. The administration of the exterior part of the space station in contrast is done more passively. We visit this area at times, take a few passive buffs, then return to the inside. In the realm of planets and space exploration we take our team to various locations where we accomplish missions and collect materials. The story missions of the game are also being developed in this system. Of course, you’ll get immersed in the game that you keep in mind the spaceship you’ve built.

The station in IXION is split into sections. Each sector is independent and you need to manage them individually. For instance, you can’t make use of resources in one sector within another. Each industry has its own set of challenges. That’s the reason why space exploration and outer space are largely uninterested in the multi-level administration aspect of the game. The game requires attention from the inside. In order to create an equilibrium within the various sectors, you must understand how to share and manage resources effectively. This is the most difficult part , but it is the most important to ensure that each resource, person , and even building a the balance between different sectors.

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It’s true that it’s not be a good idea to keep yourself inside the space station all period of time within IXION. The majority of the time, exploring space and progressing in the main storyline, experiencing exciting new events, finding other quests and more is the primary source of entertainment in the game. However there’s the Book of Laws system that is used in this game, which you may recognize in The Frostpunk game. In these systems, players have the ability to choose your team members and occasionally they will request from you. But the issue with these is the systems aren’t as robust and engaging as they are in Frostpunk. It’s like, they appear fragile as if they were added to the game.

The game is not able to develop at all points

Another flaw and superficial aspect that is a weak and superficial aspect of IXION game is the technology tree. In the context of survival, city building , and game of space exploration, technologies or skills trees are of major importance, yet this game offers a very simple tree. There isn’t enough reinforcements within this tree, and it’s not possible to create a strategy using the tree of skills because it develops in a linear manner. There are also bonuses for every skill, but they don’t go far beyond basic statistics. This is, in truth, among the most weak parts of the game.

The number of points you can utilize to build this tree for the IXION game pose a problem. The points available are very little, particularly at the start of the game that it’s impossible to experiment with different things without fear of making mistakes. Instead, you need to take one simple path to strengthening. If you don’t, it will take a long time to get back points that you have lost. In the end, the simple and easy-to-understand user interface will not cause issues when players move to the game’s end-game content and we resolve our issues with the points as we go along. The game’s interface will clearly define the direction to look and the areas you need to be paying attention to.

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One of the main benefits to IXION is that IXION game is that its user interface is simple and simple to comprehend; the fact that it does not have numerous complex systems within it, it makes it appealing to those who are new to the genre extremely well. If you’re already familiar with these kinds of games but you are seeking new experiences that are challenging the game might not be what you’re looking for, but it is an ideal choice for gamers who are just about to join the game or simply want to play a game that has an entirely different theme. Particularly, since the presentation for the game has top-quality, it is sure to quickly draw the interest of many players.

It is true that I cannot say how you’ll spend your money however, if I were to purchase this game I’d anticipate an average discount of 40 percent. While the game’s scope is vast however, there are a few platforms that don’t offer depth, unfortunately, make the cost of the game appear somewhat expensive, I believe. Apart from that it’s not clear if that new content will be added to the game regularly. The game is currently portrayed as complete, but we’re not certain what’s going to take place in the future. The studio is said to release updates every month to fix bugs. Therefore, active support service is also offered within the game.

IXION - Review

Not Bad! - 6.2



With several management systems, you're able to continuously experiment with new concepts and have fun play around with colonies, independent sectors, and so on. However, it's the Tech tree is rather boring Science points are extremely difficult to acquire and replayability is not feasible for anything; everything operates consistently.

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