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We are in a parallel universe, where we are in the USSR is the giant of the world.

Alongside the large game developers with excellent and professional backgrounds , who have been in the gaming industry for a long time The number of smaller new game businesses that have generated tremendous amount of excitement when they launched their first projects in recent times is growing. I try to bring these types of games to you as often as I can without missing them. Mundfish is a studio based in Cyprus with a number of Russian developers is just one of the studios. Atomic Heart, which takes place in an alternate, modern Soviet Union and refers to mythologies like BioShock, Doom or Fallout and has created an expectation among us all for many years. After a long time I finally got the chance to play the game for the first time. Let’s find out how this title, released on Xbox Game Pass on the first day of its launch exceeded my expectations.

Finish your mission to complete your mission, comrade

Atomic Heart takes us to an alternate future Soviet Union, where robots and machines are an integral part of modern society and where the USSR is one of the world’s greatest powerhouses and is exporting its most modern technologies to the world including the USA. . The game’s greatest creator is the architect of “polymerization”, known as Major P-3, which aims to unify all of the inhabitants within the Soviet Union in a joint project dubbed Kollektiv (Dr. We are Sergey Nechaev, Sechenov’s right-hand man.

Our mission is to go to Plant 3826, as per Sechenov’s instructions and stop the assault of the savage robots, which pose a threat to not just its credibility as a Soviet Union to the outside world and the moral integrity and integrity of Soviet citizens. Atomic Heart; It deals with issues of human rights, philosophy and communism against capitalism. It has significant war, political as well as social implications. The story is filled with ideological extremes which not only entices us to have fun by its unbridled action but also prompts us to reflect on these and other topics.

In all honesty, I’m not going to get into the details to avoid spoilers, but from a narrative perspective, Atomic Heart fits certain styles of the genre and offers a predictable plot. But, it is also packed with numerous surprises that will keep us entertained for nearly 20 hours to the final game.

Do you have an opinion? please say that to me using my glove.

Luckily, P-3’s not all on his own in his journey within Atomic Heart, there is Char-Les, a robot glove that is not just going to allow us to have philosophical and insightful conversations, but also provide us with great assistance both in and out of combat. Atomic Heart’s strength is in the way it blends melee weapons, energy and fire weapons, as well as forces that let us electrify or freeze, then incinerate or even blast our robot enemies in the air. Mundfish’s game rewards players with rewards by allowing you to master certain skills however, it also introduces an update that I’ll write about in the next article.

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It’s very enjoyable to go at enemies with our polymeric abilities by exploding their plasma with a charged shot, or even shocking the enemy with a rocket blast. The mix of the many action options Atomic Heart has to offer is its greatest strength in terms of grandeur and has an unquestionably enjoyable element. One of the aspects I enjoyed the most about it was its loot mechanic. In like games we need to complete stages where we take a close look at all the items that we can purchase and add to our inventory. with this one Charles is able to scavenge like a broomstick and not interrupt the file cabinets and chests, desks and drawers or discerning the items that are interesting to us and not. Every item you collect has a purpose. This isn’t just useful. It’s entertaining to use too.

We can utilize the same resources repeatedly

The management of inventory and the things we do with the things we gather are vital to ensuring that we are staying in good health in the Atomic Heart. This is the reason we frequently have to interact with Nora which is a type of vending machine in which we can reuse everything we have to build new weapons from the blueprints we have to discover, and upgrade using parts, and strengthen those parts and choose what to carry and not carry to ensure that we have everything we require into our inventory of limited capacity. . Another thing we can accomplish using Nora devices is the ability to put the polymeric material produced by the machine into new capabilities to the persona. They can be divided into a larger grouping to boost the health of our character, speed P-3 or energy available however, we could also utilize them to acquire or enhance the abilities I’ve mentioned previously.

There’s one thing Atomic Heart has made clear right from the beginning. It is that the polymer resources that we invest in developing skills are reusable. The game allows players to test all of the skills we have and come up with new combination to help make game as exciting as is possible. So, you’re able to return your polymer resources and use them to build other abilities you haven’t tried yet. The concept of Atomic Heart giving you the freedom to choose what you’d like to do with the game is a great idea.

It’s only an open world, so make sure that it’s safe

I’ve taught that you could fight, we’ll look at how the main missions unfold and how we can progress through the various quests, what we discover and how the game’s open world functions. Perhaps it’s my imagination, but prior to viewing the first trailer, I got the impression that this open-world in Atomic Heart would play a crucial aspect of the game. In reality the open world serves as a backdrop to the main storyline that moves between missions. The majority of missions are carried out inside.

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It’s only a semi-open space. The outer space is brimming with enemies, making it difficult to even take two steps without having a handful of robots rushing to greet you and making you miserable. It’s frustrating at first, because we’re not strong enough to face these creatures. It’s not over but. Since all you need to achieve is to reach your goal, regardless of whether it’s the main objective or an optional feature. And, the worst part is that along with the opponents this game also includes an alarm system. Also, if you engage in combat with enemies that are caught who are viewed by security cameras, the game goes into level 2, and enemies will appear continuously until you quit the area. There are a lot cameras like this and, even if you damage them, they could become rebuilt using drones. This is why I suggest you don’t take the time to bother. Let me add that I find working in the world of openness boring, to the point that I don’t do as many adventures than I initially intended to do.

It’s difficult to breathe without mini-games

The open world is of minimal or no value in relation to the main storyline, but it’s necessary to explore areas that offer a variety of puzzles that provide access to weapons schematics upgrades, as well as robust components. Atomic Heart also lets you take a ride in a vehicle for a ride that allows you to travel long distances. This is a good way to get around some issues and spare a few hours of your time. I’ve already mentioned for players to know that most quests are mostly inside. The design of the levels in Atomic Heart is absolutely stunning. The missions can become a little repetitive at times, but usually the focus is to find particular objects on the map. They are placed strategically at that level. Mundfish has successfully combined gameplay segments with platforming puzzles , or even simple door-opening mini-games.

While opening doors appears like a game but it’s actually quite enjoyable. Apart from the standard Skyrim unlocking system, there’s an interactive dial game in which you need to identify the shades, a game where you need to hit buttons in an allotted time period or you need to match the laser with different shapes of coils. I’m not sure why these games were enjoyable in my opinion, however it could be because they let me have a break between tasks.

While it’s not a viable mechanical element, Charles’ friendship is another one of the game’s strengths. The conversations that our robot glove engages in with the P-3 are fascinating but the speed and depth of their conversations don’t always keep up with the game’s fast-paced Doom-inspired speed. In truth, it’s easy to get worried when Charles is talking to us about humankind and consciousness, with three robots in the background. Sometimes, conversations may be abruptly ended because you’ve reached the point at which another conversation has to be initiated. It’s like a game that sometimes does not even allow it the time it requires. I believe this is the best way to explain how much action is taking place.

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Visual feast that is accompanied by Tchaikovsky metal cover

The reason the game is not failing by any means is in the music. Mundfish’s musical taste and the way he incorporates the story with the game’s symbology as well as gameplay are absolutely stunning. Atomic Heart makes frequent use of classical music, including of the course Russian Tchaikovsky along with Swan Lake, as well as other famous classical composers. But when it is paired with music from heavy metal that appears to be a reinterpretation of Doom the result is almost unbeatable. That’s why the composer Mick Gordon has been the person to bring music to life in the Remake of the id Software legend. Fighting a myriad of enemies right and left to the beat of classical music mingled with metal is one of the most thrilling adrenaline-fueled experiences I’ve ever experienced in video games. Mundfish has paid a lot of attention to the smallest details on the subject.

It’s also acceptable to discuss Atomic Heart’s art and graphics style. When the game captured the attention of millions of players around the world and it’s due to its stunning graphics. Let me tell you that I could not play the game simply because I was looking around particularly at the beginning to the game. But, once you’re in the signs of an AAA game are evident. Yet, he appears be performing at an excellent level throughout the entire experience it is evident.


Worth to try. - 8.3


Atomic Heart is not a AAA game. But, this could be overlooked since it's the first game of a tiny and unexperienced studio. Mundfish's project was met with expectations that were high and I can tell you it was a success. Atomic Heart, which wrapped the story in 18 hours, not just was able to meet expectations and exceeded them, but this Cypriot studio did an outstanding job. Atomic Heart is predictable in plot, but is very engaging in the narrative. The real highlight is in the wildly enjoyable combat system. Combining melee weapons, firearms and all sorts of power to cut our enemies apart is a blast and the game differs by allowing players to spread resources in a continuous manner until we determine what type of destruction you'd like to unleash. You can also play at no cost with Xbox Game Pass.

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