Ravenbound – Review

A stunning video game that is thought-provoking however, it is mediocre to execute.

Systemic Reaction, which is part of the Avalanche Studios Group, has only launched two games to date. The games included Generation Zero and Second Extinction that promised different experiences. The studio continues to explore new concepts with its players, this time with Ravenbound. The studio combines two major genres in the title: Roguelite as well as open-world. With a intense action-packed experience The goal of this project is to provide players with an unforgettable gaming experience in it is a “Roguelite” game set in the open world. But, the experience is not presented well.

The game’s gameplay of the game Ravenbound is actually very simple. In the beginning, we must get some items by killing specific enemies. By acquiring these materials you can build your character more powerful and to achieve this, you must consider the options the game gives you. You are constantly enhancing your character, often with new armor, or an entirely new skill, and sometimes with a brand new weapon, and so on. When you finally meet the boss known as Warden. Your goal is to take on three Wardens who are from three different areas, defeat them, and then show your strength by winning the final game.

Ravenbound is actually a game with fascinating strategies within Ravenbound’s gameplay. For instance, during this game you are able to visit enemy camps and pick up power-ups there. However, this time, each time you collect powerful items from treasure chests of the enemies and the enemies get stronger. These bonuses aren’t permanent for enemies at first but they do begin getting stronger. To stop this, you must take on and defeat the Warden within the region where the enemies are. This gives an additional dimension to the game. It makes the game more strategic. Risk and reward are able to be considered more easily.

The primary issue with the Ravenbound game is actually based on the power-up mechanic. In this system, characters are given boosts as cards, however the items you’ll encounter on cards you receive are totally random. If there were an option to alter this during the game, for instance the possibility of the possibility of obtaining cards with power-ups that only include weapons or armor or weapons, the game could begin with a lot more enjoyment and balanced manner. With the current system of cards it is necessary to start the game all over again seems to be the only sensible option particularly since the bonuses you were hoping for didn’t happen. Therefore, I don’t believe it’s a good idea to leave anything up to chance.

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Ravenbound is one of the “Roguelite” and we mustn’t forget that

The most obvious among Ravenbound’s “Roguelite” features of the Ravenbound game is Legacy. When you complete game , you’ll earn Legacy and also permanent power-ups using it. Additionally you are able to get interesting power-ups after doing the challenge missions within the game. Additionally, if your character dies within the game, it becomes an ongoing choice. Therefore, when your character’s death it is replaced with a brand new one However, don’t fret as you’ll have a permanent buff. The powers you pick will let you have the character that has the gameplay style you prefer.

Ravenbound provides all of this through the “Hack and Slash” style gameplay. The cards I mentioned earlier provide the most fundamental. Cards are activated with spending mana. Once you finish the challenges associated with the cards the cards are yours forever. In addition, the power and rewards which can be gained through cards include five distinct elements that are strong, weak, or neutral in opposition to opponents with the structure of a rock-paper-scissors type. In this game in which everything is comprised of cards, you can build an effective hand and attempt to be the most powerful player.

Ravenbound puts a lot of accent on the open-world structure. In the open world there are a variety of towns and regions that are in every area. They include people who provide quests, trader and many more. It’s also recognized as an old-fashioned RPG experience. However, this experience isn’t very strong. In other words, the world of openness offered by the game is dead. The characters you meet in safe areas don’t seem to feel that they are part of the in the world you live within; they all make the same phrases and then ceases to speak. Additionally, there isn’t any imagination in the adventures that you receive from these people.

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Another issue in Ravenbound is that you have to take on enemies. There’s a feature in the game that permits players to lock onto enemies, however this method is not very effective. Particularly when the action is at its highest and the locking system doesn’t know which direction to go, who to whom or what direction to look. during the few seconds that the camera is able to surprise itself, you could easily end up dying and lose your character for ever. The similar thing could happen due to issues with optimization that affect the game’s performance. The game is not to be stable in general.

There are more serious issues within the sport.

Ravenbound is an intriguing game in its own right as a concept. It can actually be an extremely enjoyable experience without bugs, however, there are many bugs and issues that are deep within the game. For instance, why does this game always require an internet connection, and why do we have to sign up for an additional account? What is the reason that the game offers more control and better experience using controllers despite being only made available for PC? Other than that enemies, the ones you meet aren’t very varied and exploring the world isn’t enjoyable as the enemies grow stronger when you clear the area as I said earlier and the Hatred system can ruin the game experience.

The Hatred system of Ravenbound can be both effective and very terrible. It allows players to be rewarded for taking risks, however in the same way, it is in opposition to the spirit of games that are open to all players. In general, the completion of all activities in an open-world game is the ideal thing to complete. If you can clear the camp and then find the treasures. You then finish the areas with a 100% score. But the Hatred system prevents this. Once you have cleared the map, you will be penalized with harder enemies. Certain gamers will appreciate this system, while others are going to hate it. I doubt that it’s ever going to remain in the middle.

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Another issue with Ravenbound is that every enemy attacks with the same attack style every single time. From standard enemies to elite ones, even bosses, every character is at the very least, three or four different animations to attack. If this is the scenario, killing one enemy in the game lets you see the vast majority that is played. The game doesn’t test players in a tactical manner but instead presents an artificial competition from an aspect of the Hatred system. Additionally, due to this problem with animation and the fact that all the opponents are exactly identical and you’ll be tired of the game in very little duration.

Ravenbound is undoubtedly a poor video game. Yes, there’s some effort in this game. There are some enjoyable systems to choose from, however the game’s experience is so poor that you’re likely that you won’t be able to play the entire collection. There are issues across every genre you can think of and many of them aren’t enough to be resolved with just a few minor updates. Systemic Reaction deserves to be congratulated for attempting something new, but it does not always result in successful outcomes. The team behind the game has been through it all with this game. While the idea was appealing, the transfer into the real world didn’t be as smooth as we had hoped.

Ravenbound - Review

Bad! - 4.7



Hatred brings a unique flavor to the game. However, while the weapon use is enjoyable and enjoyable but the actions you make aren't always satisfying. There are plenty of game-related bugs and issues with optimization.

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