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The Papers You Need, however in three-dimensional

In the past, when indie games weren’t as well-known as they are today there were three titles that made waves: Braid, Dust and Papers Please. The thing that all three games had in common was even though they were created by just one player, each was all widely applauded. Particularly, Papers Please managed to create a highly entertaining game of a boring concept such as “passport controls”. This was so much that a number of productions have followed his lead. Contraband Police is one of the most popular. However, it is one of the more effective models…

All praise to Acaristan!

If you remember, when Desperados first appeared we were awestruck by it saying “It’s exactly like Commandos but it has a lot more mechanics.” “… Hah A similar scenario is being discussed the case of Contraband Police. The game that has been in development for six years, uses the identical “passport control” mechanics as Papers Please. However, he has improved and varied the game in a manner that it is not possible to be accused of being just a cheap copy.

The year is 1981. It is the year 1981. We’re a customs agent who is assigned to the gate of the border of a fictional country known as “Adjaria”. It is a Balkan-Russian blend that is a fairly backward communist-ruled country. Everyday, new travelers arrive at the border We scrutinize their passports and attempt to find smugglers, fraudsters, and fraudsters. We initially take a look at basic things such as passport numbers, pictures and names. However, as you advance throughout the process, lots of other things become involved like the entry document, permits for work and the weights they carry. The government is enacting daily new laws and every time a new law is passed, our job gets more complicated. This makes it increasingly difficult to spot mistakes. Luckily we have a tiny rule book in our possession however, keeping this in mind isn’t so difficult.

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As of now, it’s exactly similar to Papers Please. The most significant difference that separates Contraband Police from it is that it’s totally three-dimensional. In the game that is played using the FPS camera we visit the police border station to verify passports at a real-time pace. Actually, it’s not just limited to this. In the event of need we also drive to take part in armed conflict. well!

Some people are not happy with the fact that Adjaria has been declared a communist state The border post is sometimes targeted by terrorists. In such instances we must draw our gun and defend ourselves along with the border guards. Sometimes, we are summoned to an emergency task and are involved in clashes with police at different locations.

We must personally search for the goods that were smuggled. Turn on the ultraviolet lighting of our lantern, then enter the car and carefully examine the floor, the tires, and trunk. If we spot the snake symbol that is the most common symbol of smugglers, we use our knife, crowbar or ax. and get into the vehicle carrying whatever Allah has provided us with. This is when the goods smuggled into the car are thrown on the floor. We seize them and put the driver in jail.

The game features a tiny wide world map. After dark, once we have finished the process of checking passports is finished and we are required to get onto our minibus and transport the contraband as well as the suspects we’ve detained to the prison and police station. In the meantime, we confront bandits who attack us on the way , and are looking to protect their family members or their property. There are also treasures hidden and secret files that are waiting to be discovered in particular areas in the world map.

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Please show your driver’s license

Furthermore, what we are able to do isn’t just restricted to the above. If we can earn enough money we could also build a Border Police Station. It’s not a very clean location initially. It’s even the trailer. However, as we advance within the arena, we are able to expand our buildings, purchase new vehicles, as well as provide superior armor and weapons to our security personnel. Of course , it requires money. There are two methods to earn money.

The first thing is to be an excellent cop, perform the job correctly and take the bandits and goods smuggled to the place where they belong. It’s not a lot of cash, but you will not suffer from poverty. Another option is to become corrupt official and then sell illegal goods on behalf of us. However, should you end up being found guilty… Then of of course you can help the revolutionary group in attempting to topple the ruling government is another alternative. Like in Papers Please, you can choose to follow two different paths through the game. Based on the choices the game’s course and the end of the game can change as well. The game isn’t as exciting like Papers Please on moral choices however. We don’t have a family to provide for and we don’t have an infant who starved to death due to our choice of an honest lifestyle. There are families we resisted getting together and people who were detained for our actions and other such. The bottom line is that Contraband Police put a greater emphasis on the action and fun aspects of their job. I’m convinced that it’s great.

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While the graphics guns, driving mechanics, and gunfights are all great in those of the PlayStation 3 era, all of them will not stop players from having fun playing. In fact, the moment you start playing it’s impossible to be able to get up without difficulty. I’ll tell you that many times. There’s also Prologue available on Steam which allows you to play the initial five days for no cost. I’d suggest you test it.

Contraband Police - Review

Great! - 8.3



It's hard for anyone who is a fan of Papers To not enjoy Contraband Police. Similar mechanics, the same story, the same dimensions... However, it's three-dimensional! In addition, there's open-world driving and side quests, as well as hidden treasures , and gunfights. One of the best surprises this year.

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