Life By You is now available for pre-order!

Paradox Interactive introduced the Sims rival game. Here are the details about the game and the pre-order price.

The Sims” game, which is extremely popular with players, is an additional competition. The pre-order window of Life By You, the Life By You game released by Paradox Interactive has begun. This game offers innovative ideas to the genre known as strategy-based life simulation only available for pre-order on Steam or Epic Games.

Swedish game designer Paradox Interactive or Paradox Interactive as it is known is the developer for the Cities Skylines game. In the city-building simulation game that is extremely well-liked in Turkey as well as around the world we had to organize and running our city as the mayor. The company is planning to introduce a second game to the game series that is a hit.

The company announced the game Life By You at its event in the beginning of March. The brand also revealed Cities Skylines II and their collaboration with Xbox during the event. The company behind the production said that they’ll unveil Life By You as a direct rival to Sims and rather than as an alternate.

The first game of The Sims series was released on February 4 in 2000. The final game in the series, Sims which was the most popular game in the category of life simulation for the last 23 years, launched in the year 2014. It’s possible that Paradox noticed the gap in the last 9 years and began to think about the concept of Life By You.

It is basically a life simulation with two games. The games both have families friendship and business relationship are established. In contrast, Life By You has more details than Sims. In each game, players are able to describe the exterior appearance of the characters , down to the smallest detail. But in the Life By You game also lets you modify the mental and psychological state that your character’s mental and psychological state.

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When we review the video released on this game will see an extensive and precise customizing table. In these kinds of simulations, the home decor is crucial. The game provides numerous choices. If you cannot find the item that you are looking for, you may make your own items.

Pre-order the game now on Epic Games. The game available on the platform comes with the price of $ 39.99 discounted for pre-order. The game will be released at the end of this year on the 12th of September 2023 The game will be available with early access through Steam along with Epic Games.


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