Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores – Review

The bridge that connects the third and second game

Horizon Forbidden West was such an enjoyable experience that I’m a bit disappointed that it wasn’t given the recognition it merited due to the plight of being released alongside Elden Ring a week apart. I began to anticipate more when I was done with the game. Finally, I played Burning Shores, but it quickly disintegrated into my hands. However, the flavor lingered in my mouth and I’m looking forward to the third installment… It’s hard to say how long we’ll be waiting for, but this time it shouldn’t be released simultaneously as the best title of this year contender 🙁

You are gorgeous, however, you are not beautiful.

We’re headed towards Los Angeles with Burning Shores However, Los Angeles has turned into one of the ruin and lava flows and of course, steaming machinery because of the eruption of volcanoes following two earthquakes. However, it’s still stunning. Therefore, I have to let you know quickly; the game is stunning I want to thank Guerrilla for the stunning graphics. The rushing streams, the deep canyons, ocean views, the effects of volcanoes on the colors, clouds and the views of night skies in this new area are amazing. When playing in the primary game I was captivated by the graphics and this time the visuals in Burning Shores, which is only available on PS5 have reached an incredible level and the game plays like a dream when playing in performance mode. People who played the original version on PS4 were obviously furious because the add-on was exclusive to PS5 and were able to bombard gamers with low score however, Guerrilla evidently made this decision to elevate the game’s performance and visuals to a higher level.

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It is revealed by Sylens and Lance Reddick 🙁 – that there’s another Zenith who are our adversaries we face during the game from Sylens and yet again we’re after this individual known as Walter London to save the world -even if for a short duration. Walter London is the same as the other Zenith. He is a self-centered, selfish, and self-centered character similar to . The events unfold as this group, which views the gods of its people and holds the ancient wisdom sacred, underestimates Walter London, as well. Our newest side character Seyka who is adamant and determination is not like Aloy is also part of this tribe. She is also a member in this clan. She’s also a member in this group. Contrary to the side characters who sometimes throw ammo in conflicts within the main game, and aren’t much else in this instance, Seyka is able to connect the devices using a ropecaster weapon, and then makes them work, providing Aloy when it comes to conflicts. It is a great source of satisfaction. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to claim that Aloy finds love with Seyka in a small way, since romance was introduced to the show in the very first episode. it was enjoyable, and I’m sure that humorous moods fit Aloy perfectly.

This new gun is extremely attractive… It’s not like the weapons, but

In the new features that come from Burning Shores, apart from some additions to the weapons and clothing that we are familiar with, there is an energy weapon that uses Far Zenith technology, which was very enjoyable to play with. Furthermore, we can make enemies fight each other with a brand-new type of damage called Berserk and we are able to create defensive shields that can be used during battle. The cap on levels has been raised between 50 and 60 and the most prominent of the new capabilities is the capability to deal more damage by hooking stun machine, and the battles that were previously effortless have become a lot more fun. New machine types added; Bilegut, the giant frog leaping over our heads while spewing acids, basic but irritating Stingspawns flying close to him, like mosquitoes, and the new gigantic “birdlike” robot, Waterwing are all set to make Aloy sweat.

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The map in Burning Shores is smaller than I was expecting (or more accurately, what I was hoping for) and the main objective is fairly short. After 3 additional quests and a couple of things to collect, there’s nothing to do except to enjoy the beautiful surrounding. As I said in the beginning of the piece, the flavor stayed on my tongue, but I would have liked more interesting (it takes 13 hours to finish everything). Overall, I was enthralled every minute I played I was in awe of the graphics, and was again captivated by the fluidity and sweaty battles after the first game. I laughed at the sly humor of Aloy and will leave with nothing to say other than “I wish it had lasted longer”. Game 3 is coming up fast!

Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores - Review

Good! - 8.3


everyone should play

Horizon offers a dose of romance for those who just can't stop watching Forbidden West However, it's rather small.

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