The Last of Us: Season Final Review

A strong chain that cannot be broken and a tough decision.

After a two-month span, we’ve completed our journey through the Last of Us. The show was adapted from the best-selling game with the same name The HBO series was a hit with the majority of viewers as an adaptation and also made the final episode as per the style that it has been acquiring from the very first episode. It was a fun, honest and compelling tone.

In lambskin wrapped in lambskin, fighting the wrath of a the supposed Savior David as well as suffering a terrifying incident during last week’s traumatic Episode, Ellie (Bella Ramsey) gets closer to the end of the season hoping for the cure for her cordyceps disease. The season’s finale begins which is titled Look for the Light, with Ashley Johnson, who played Ellie in the first game. Johnson escapes danger that we haven’t yet seen in the woods, and seeks refuge in a dismal farm that lies in the wilderness. The woman who has her nose on her stomach keeps herself inside the house before entering an area she believes is safe, and then determines the best way to help her baby, who is due to be born in the near future.

The most deadly threat we discover is the victim of a recent infection is the threat after attempts to enter the home in a way. The infected, unmoving pregnant woman trying to get into the room of the woman through the staircase. After a brief struggle and a few scuffles, the woman is rescued from danger with the aid of a knife which has been in use since the start in the season. The baby is born but the mother discovers that she’s been attacked and has a lot to do as mother.

Then, Marlene (Merle Dandridge) and her friends track down the woman , whose name we discover is Anna and she arrives at the farm from which the woman sought refuge, and is and is accompanied by tiny glitters in the dark like the Fireflies. Two childhood friends bid goodbye to her mother as she goes to sleep, and her life is reborn with an unknown person.

After this amazing opening which gives us a glimpse of the past of Ellie and how she gained her the natural immune system, we head into the present. The jovial and sharp-tongued Ellie we knew from her past experiences is gone and replaced by a contemplative sad and unpleasantly amiable Ellie. She doesn’t realize Joel’s preachy gospel, or the man’s extremely gentle and compassionate manner. As we watch Ellie trying to overcome the wall of ice that Joel has erected around her soul, viewers see in this show it is clear that Joel has now fully accepted the girl’s innocence and has discovered his new purpose after more than 20 years. Instead of that hopeless sad , and apathetic old man, there’s now a much more friendly and a smiling, protective and loving person. This is how the relationship that has slowly formed between them since the beginning of the series transforms into a ring made of an indestructible chain.

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Again, we follow Joel and Sarah’s journey through the city that is in ruins as they explore building sites and take in a scene not in the game, but has an important contribution in Joel’s personality. In the wake of the dire situation Ellie finds herself in, Joel takes an unexpected step, and then reveals the story of his greatest loss following the death of Sarah. The man who was so depressed after the loss of his daughter, he admits that the bullet that led to the loss of hearing in his right ear was fired from the gun he held in his hands.

Following the scenes where Bella Ramsey heralds what a great career she’s going to enjoy in each episode, we get to see a genuine performance by Pedro Pascal. Like him, you’ll need to shut your eyes when the Chilean-born actor slams down all his characters’ shields and recollects his tragic decision as candidly as is humanly possible.

As for the present, it is important to be aware that this episode features an entirely separate stage for actors. Under the gaze of Joel Ellie’s encounter with Giraffes, her innocence that she grew up with but couldn’t live, make viewers experience one of the most memorable scenes from the very first season.

Along the way, Joel finally manages to get Ellie to relax and we also witness several more funny comedy routines from the girl. As we approach the end of the journey, both are filled with grief and loss Both heroes attempt to rid themselves of the burdens that weigh on their souls. Then we get to the most thrilling portion of the story, featuring some soldiers of unknown origins. Fireflies along with the staff at the hospital.

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When Joel is able to look up and opens his eyes, he is greeted by Marlene who was the person he chose to take the job a few months ago on the opposite end of Americas. As the head of the Fireflies praises Joel’s accomplishment The man claims that it’s all due to Ellie’s expertise however, Marlene affirms so simple. While claiming that the girl will soon be preparing for her operation she reveals a aspect that could shock an people who haven’t yet been involved in the game before. According to doctors who are experts the chemical compounds released by the fungus cordyceps, that has been present in Ellie’s body since the time she was born can create a natural immune system. If the fungus is eliminated from the body, and these chemicals are reproduced in a lab, it’s possible to develop the vaccine that can save humanity. However, this means taking out the cork that covers Ellie’s brain and leaving the girl’s breathing at last time on the table for surgery.

In a desperate attempt in vain to justify the incident through the midst of tears Marlene makes her decision and The Paper Clips take action to take Joel from the hospital. Following this we witness the most intense moment of the match which are displayed on the screen, which has a depressing composition reminding us that Joel’s choices and actions are not really heroic in any way. Finding an important purpose to live and for the first time since Sarah’s passing, Joel does something that may not be right, and decides to take Ellie from the hospital following a murder (which is where the revenge-based tale of the next game begins).

Moving on with the car he stole from the forests and mountains covered in snow and mountains, the man is carrying the girl who is tied to in the new lifestyle he has chosen to live. Contemplating that Ellie will have to be interrogated Joel is left in the void between regret and guilt and tells willfully denies the things he believes to be real. Since she is convinced that regardless of the outcome, the little girl deserves to develop and live an actual life just like the rest of us. As the father of her child, Joel believes he is doing the right thing regardless of whether this will cause the corrupt system to endure and humanity to lose its way in the chaos. To save the person who he loves.

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The first season closes with Ellie’s suspicious eye and one word which suggests that something sinister is waiting on the other side: “Okay.” The story of Joel and Ellie neither is over. The next season, set to start filming later in the year, will feature an even bigger production as well as more clickers and shocking twists according to Druckmann’s assertions. The story’s continuation is expected to be the backdrop for more polarized opinions that the finale will create in an audience that is not aware of the game. Because there’s no room for optimism within the universe in The Last of Us, and the story of the two characters is brimming with shockingly dark events.

Score - 7.9


The TV adaptation of The Last of Us has come to an end with its ups and downs. Although the series, which has experienced its strongest moments with the most remarkable storytelling episodes of recent years, meets the expectations in its finale, which feels like a fait accompli due to its short duration, it cannot provide enough material for the audience to erase the thought of "something is missing". While Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin are proud to have a very good adaptation, it is up to us, the viewers, to hope that the second season will not act on a larger scale and in such haste.

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