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The following article is part of our Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart PC review We take a look at the design of the brand new Sony game, which was ported from PS5.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart PC review: Ratchet & Clank, one of the most renowned PlayStation action-platform games, is coming for PC at first. It makes it happen with its latest title, Rift Apart. Sony is bringing exclusive titles to its PC platform for quite a while making games like God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone reach more players.

It’s also vital to note that Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is the newest game released to PC PC system by Sony and the very first game in the series’ long-running history to launch on PC. If you are able to play by playing this game for the very first time or is the old saying “This game can’t be played properly except PS5” is actually true? Does it function well or is it just a faulty port similar to Last of Us P1 that makes it cool for a lifetime? Let’s look at it!

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is the story of the celebration of a special event after Ratchet the only Lombax on the planet and the only one to be a hero. The goal of the celebration isn’t only to be a way of congratulating us, it also marks the beginning of our quest to find the rest of us using the interdimensional device created by our friend Clank. Bad Dr. Due to Nefarious’s surprise attack, and the device’s breaking and the resulting interdimensional catastrophe, a disaster happens and the story begins.

Alongside the characters that we have come across from previous games in the series, we also meet brand new characters from different dimensions. The most interesting new characters of the game are Lombax Rivet in a different dimension, as well as the solitary tiny robot Kit. Even though Rivet is the second character playable on the map, her primary characteristics and weapons are similar to Ratchet. You can even make improvements during one unlock can be found on the other. Clank was on a mission along with Rivet and is a character which we control in small tasks where we can provide interdimensional order. Also, there’s an extremely tiny robotic Glitch which Ratchet employs to hack devices.

I’m a bit bored from the “Multiverse, there are many different types of everyone” stories. I’m happy with Spider-Verse and especially after watching the most recent Flash movie. I’m saying “even if not everyone does it”. However, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart wraps the story well and is one of the few high-quality works of the genre. It was an exciting adventure that I went through again and not getting bored, even though I had completed it earlier.

How Was the PC Edition Gaming Experience?

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart PS5 version was examined by Ersin the PC version is not bringing any significant changes in gameplay. So instead of providing the same information we will focus on the things we’re most interested in. Is this game being brought to PC in a proper manner or is it in danger of being a disaster yet again?

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Let’s start with the good news. Let me give you the good news: the PC version of the game isn’t an issue, and it actually performs better than I had hoped for. The downside is that it doesn’t run as smoothly. The good news and the negative news is that you can play without having a PS5 SSD drive. Let’s discuss their performance and PC performance.

Its PC counterpart of Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart occupies around 39GB of space. However the system requirements suggest that you have around 75GB of space. Consider this as the game will require much more storage space than it can take up. In the event that you suddenly receive the “out of storage” warning. The parts that are recommended for the game that can be played using a minimum i3-8100 or Ryzen 3 processor 8GB of RAM, and a GTX RX 470 or 960 graphics card. They are a bit larger, but not overwhelming. With the i5 8400 or Ryzen 5 3600 processor, 16GB of RAM, and RTX 2060/RX 5700 graphic cards, players are able to play the game with great graphics.

I tested the R7 2700x CPU, 32GB RAM, and RTX 4070. I tested the performance both in 1080p and 4K resolutions. I had no issues playing at 1080p resolution, using all settings set at the top and RTX turned on, with an average of 120 frames per second. With 4K resolution, however there are values that range between 55-60 fps on high settings see a significant reduction by using the use of ray tracing. The speed that drops to about 40 in closed spaces is 20-24 in the open areas (which is a lot within the games). The numbers I’m referring to are what I observed during tests using DLSS switched on. I’d also like to mention that I utilize my 4K monitor mainly for console gaming and it’s not the best choice for gaming on a PC.

I am extremely pleased by the performance overall of this game even when I was playing I thought “actually they did a good port” However, once interdimensional rifts became apparent it changed the overall situation. Game crashes occur at insignificant time. This isn’t a big issue and doesn’t occur every day, but I’ve witnessed it crash each game I’ve played.

In one instance, I believed it could be due to the fact that I didn’t have 75GB of available space on the disk however it kept happening to me, even after cleaning it. I tested it on a different computer that was similar to mine, there were some unexpected crashes, and I had this happen on a different system that met the recommended system specifications. They may make arrangements for it.

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Ratchet & Clank: Does Rift Apart work without SSD? It was praised in the PlayStation time, and it enthused everyone else to use real-time transitions or something. I was surprised when the game was released. I was hoping for something similar to The Medium’s head or something similar to the upcoming Lords of the Fallen game but with controlled events they refer to as real time switching. It’s an event that is small enough to be carried around at certain times. The game was decent, but not up to the expectations they had set. They stated that it can only be played on PS5 however, we discovered it was a blatant exaggeration.

The game can be played using the HDD There are players who download the game onto the memory card of Steam Deck. Steam Deck and then play it. However, aside from the differences between playing on an HDD and playing with SSD the type of SSD is a factor in the game. For instance in a game where you slide across wires, we enter the opening before us, and then move to a new dimension.

The episode occurs almost immediately on PS5. Similar to the experience on the M2 SSD (depending on the SSD read-write speed) Our character hovers as an SSD connected to Sata completes a brief load. If you have an HDD the waiting time can be a bit longer. The speed of the data is affected however, it’s possible to use this method.

And, of course I’m not able to resist the urge to point out the thing that ticks me the most during the game. The game shows us the essential buttons along with things we can interact with to assist us. Sometimes, those icons get stuck and remain in the game even when you move to the opposite side of the globe. I completed the entire chapter by using the E-key suspended in the space where I moved dimensions, and then went too far. I had no problems with graphics. I’ll admit it that it happens to me repeatedly throughout the game. It does not go away unless I interact with it. When I leave my game it goes back to the checkpoint, causing more damage.

Graphics and Performance

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is a decent game that keeps all the great things we talked about in our review, and it gives full respect to the PC platform, with a excellent port. It is also claimed to run in ultra-wide resolutions like 48:9 (I do not have the most monitors, so I’ve never tested it yet) in addition to its optimized performance, it also supports higher resolution technologies, such as DLSS 3 and AMD FSR 2. It comes with Steam Deck support, has everything we could want from a great port.

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The graphics were pretty excellent in PS5 versions. PS5 version, and they look fantastic when playing this PC version. This game will make use of the capabilities of your computer at hands to the max. You can alter the settings of your graphics as you like and alter the ray-tracing technology to suit your particular system. The game also takes into account users with smaller systems, and it looks good even with low settings.

The game can be played with no issues even on the lowest systems but remember that you must sacrifice a bit of images and fps to achieve this. R5 3600 processor – With RTX 2060 graphic card as well as 16GB RAM installed, you can’t get 60 fps with 1080p resolution. If DLSS is on. I was able to get 45 at the most. However, if you adjust the settings to medium you can achieve values of 70 and 80. If you’re thinking of switching on RTX the speed is at 30fps. This isn’t too good.

The keyboard mouse support provided by Rift Apart is quite good You can edit and play with ease using the keyboards that can be customized. If you own DualSense on your computer, you can use it. DualSense available you can connect it to your PC via cables and take advantage of the full range of DualSense capabilities (haptic feedback as well as dynamic triggers). It’s fun to throw a bomb using DualSense it’s features great however, after a few minutes I switched to the keyboard and mouse pair. If I’m lucky, I’d prefer to do the engagement myself.


Amazing! - 8.1



Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is a pretty good game, it keeps all the good things we mentioned in the review before, and does justice to the PC platform with a pretty good port. For comparison, we have a slightly more problematic PC version than the ports of Spider-Man games from Nixxes Software, but it's a great job compared to the "unplayable" Last of Us or the early Horizon Zero Dawn and Uncharted games. So, would I definitely recommend this game to PC gamers? At the highest difficulty level in the game, when you try to complete all the activities in the environment, there is a maximum of 20-22 hours of content, while the average duration of the main story is 13 hours. It is weaker than the old games in terms of additional content. On top of that, it's a sequel, or even the 10th game in the series, if I'm not mistaken. Even if the story is unique to itself, a lot of things in it are prepared for people who have played this series before. It's like going into the series with Uncharted 4, you understand, but you feel the shortcomings.

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