Forspoken – Review

Is it time to discover the world of Athia with Frey and her sassy wristband Cuff?

My first exposure to the current generation consoles was through the iconic Second Son. It was also one of the first games on the PlayStation 4, although it was considered unbalanced by some in expressing the capabilities that the console had at the time, it’s one of the most popular action/adventure games where the main character I play has extraordinary powers. Thus, InFAMOUS Second Son was the production that established my expectations for Forspoken simultaneously.

I do not want to be misunderstood in comparing the games however, I believe Forspoken requires more than just a show that was released just 9 years ago for us to say it is successful, as it attracts attention for its similarities to Forspoken in a variety of ways. To illustrate this, when I was waiting for the ideas of the inFAMOUS Second Son from many different perspectives as I played Forspoken I came across the production which had nothing in common with the one that was shown to us which could be considered an experiment in technology.

The Cliche Story and the Inanimate World

Forspoken is among the games where I’ve struggled with the most in writing my review up to now. As I write these lines, I’m asking myself a lot of times how to begin the game since Forspoken presents grave issues in a variety of ways. Let me begin with his familiar but ambiguous story. Frey Holland, mysteriously transported from New York, finds himself stuck in the stunning lands of Athia. By securing a bracelet that is so delicate and amazing, Frey discovers his ability to cast powerful spells to traverse the vast landscape of Athia. Frey calls this new friend Cuff and begins a journey to discover her way home.

However interesting the game’s narrative of the story is, you won’t observe that the story is amazing at any time in the game. There is a story which couldn’t decide what story it was going to tell until Frey received the bracelet he named Cuff that allowed Frey with the skills he has. This results in Forspoken not succeed in bringing players into the narrative, which shifts a bit after a certain point and then loses focus and attention on the game and universe to an absolute minimal level.

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The world of Forspoken is similarly lifeless. The weak character acting and dialogue of the characters from starting the game forces you to consider how random the world was filled up until the moment they meet Cuff and believed that he was the star of the story. However, as Frey did not have any abilities at the times I mentioned earlier, I was able to keep playing with the expectation that at the very least the gameplay portion that the game offered would fulfill my itch.

The world in Forspoken You spend the majority of your time fighting the same type of enemies, and completing repetitive quests for more valuable items and experience points. While this can be quite annoying after a certain point but some of the things I’ll touch on in the final portions of the review of gameplay can be enough to keep you engaged in the game.

Unlimited Cutscenes

Forspoken has a plethora of scenes. I’ve never complained about the length or quantity of cutscenes. In fact, I love games in which cutscenes dominate, like Detroit Become Human, Heavy Rain and Life is Strange, but when there are so many cutscenes within a game, it’s crucial for the gamer to stay engaged in the game, not waiting for them to wander off at this moment. While Forspoken occasionally juggles some of the details together regarding the choices made, each of the choices has any consequences that can have an influence upon the narrative or story.

After Frey became a friend of Cuff The dialogue in certain scenes were particularly good-written. While their hilarious conversations between them negates the issue that too many cutscenes can be problematic After a certain point, you’ll start to say “let me play right now”.

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Gameplay is One Of The Few Things that keeps Forspoken afloat

While Forspoken has been a failure in a lot of areas I’ve mentioned to date, it offers something unique regarding gameplay. Exploring for better items and more points in the dull open world provides another incentive for players to have fun while balancing and control. While it’s not a simple parkour game as in Dying Light 2, some areas of the map will require players to use Frey’s abilities as well, and they can be technically challenging occasionally however overall it’s extremely enjoyable.

A second aspect that lets me enjoy myself in Forspoken is fighting system. Frey has four distinct elemental spells can change between these spells during the game. Each elemental spell has various unlockable special spells as well as attack options. Even though Forspoken the man who says we can fight by using different strategies with a myriad of different spells, does not offer as many options as said by him, the pace of the game’s combat system is quite fast and certain combos may include visual and combat elements that are quite satisfying.

Graphics as well as Performance Issues Are Distracting

Although Forspoken received criticism for its arrows particularly with regard to the requirements for the system it announced prior to the launch, assertions about how the game was going to be evolving regarding graphics were able to be delivered from ear to. After the graphics from the initial launch it became clear that the game that was found to be lower-quality only in the demo released on PlayStation 5, would have problems with regards to the performance of graphics and performance.

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While the issues with performance didn’t surprise me as I played the game on a PC following its release however, the graphics truly surprised me. It’s an appropriate way to move between places as the environment of the game looks amazing in many ways. However, when a cut-scene is shown each one of them it’s apparent that the graphics are more similar to Final Fantasy, which they released several years ago. In this moment, the game’s inconsistent graphics and the absence of shadows and lighting make it so apparent that it is extremely alarming.

The game also has a few problems with its performance. Though many users particularly those who played the game on a PC reported that they encountered a variety of issues because the textures weren’t loaded, I didn’t encounter any issues regarding this issue. Also, I played the game fairly comfortably playing in 2K Ultra, but the issue I did not grasp was that the FPS number I received did not differ between RTX turned off or on and even after I switched off RTX and then restarted the game. It is extremely hard to enjoy the game when playing on older machines, as the modifications to graphics that affect this kind of performance are not affecting the game as much as you would think.


Forspoken launched on PC as well as PlayStation 5 platforms on January 24. If you purchase The Deluxe Edition, you can receive the story DLC to be included in the game in the summer of next year and have the chance to try the DLC before it is released.

Forspoken - Review

Good! - 5.6



Although Square Enix and Luminous Productions managed to offer a different experience with a new IP, Forspoken unfortunately fell short of expectations.

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