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The market is now impossible to pass by the games that appear from nowhere, without announcement. Hi-Fi Rush was a great surprise for Xbox and PC. I’m able to be able to comprehend the fact that Hi-Fi Rush was never announced and is something that no one is aware of and probably not know without having played it. It’s absurd if Nintendo used the same approach on Metroid Prime. It was the very first 3D game within the Metroid Prime series, which was the basis for Metroidvania. Metroidvania genre. However we can claim that it was Nintendo’s initial FPS experiment. The good news is that Metroid Prime Remastered felt like an ode to the game. My frustration and confusion were replaced by a feeling of nostalgia.

In the time that I was playing Metroid Prime on Gamecube 20 years ago, both the game as well as the industry of games were at a different place. Although the amount of FPSs that could be played on consoles was not more than that of a single hand It was a huge chance for a game such as Metroid to be released with this kind of style. The smartest choice Nintendo made at the time was to focus entirely on the notion of exploration, without requiring too much action to make it an FPS game. There’s a reason for this. At the moment, aiming with joysticks was a real pain. Instead of trying to get through the hail of shots while also locking the gun the target is an exciting and interesting method. It’s quite simple to enjoy FPS and aim for consoles today. Analogs in both cases are much more sensitive , and it’s possible to make precise movements using joy-con motion sensors. It is an option to play Metroid Prime by aiming directly however, I’m not sure what reason to do this. Since, as I mentioned, Metroid Prime is a game built around exploration. Exploring the weaknesses of the enemy and the specifics of the alien structure as well as the nature of the area , creates a enjoyable and satisfying gameplay loop.

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The game begins when Samus Aran finds himself on the planet that is threatening Tallon IV while on the run from space pirates. Similar to the majority of Metroidvania, Samus again loses his abilities in the early stages of the game. We have to reassemble the pieces piece by piece. Every piece of the collected unlocks doors for Samus which he was unable to reach prior to. When he is able to blow up the doors of armored armor using the rocket attachment found, he is able to transform into a ball using Maru Mari and travel through narrow areas. The map is small, with narrow corridors you are able to access initially, transforms into an expansive map after branching out to new roads in the course of.

“Don’t get up, I’ll locate your weak point!”

Metroid Prime Remastered gives more than the “Remastered” part of its title visually. With a little nostalgia, you will not discern at first what’s changed or been revamped. Because these types of games have a better place in your mind than they were in the past. Particularly when you access the videos of comparison and examine them you notice that the colors of the video is not the same as it was in the past. The important structures have been modified nearly completely. Effects that have been altered are hard to read or do not perform in high-resolution. The creatures models are more detailed and lighting of the stage differs from before, and in the direction of night and day. It’s not one that has been remade, therefore the original style is retained to a large extent regardless of the level structure or animations of creatures. So, naturally there are areas that are a bit dated in terms of gameplay mechanics and style. But, if I hadn’t played the game I wouldn’t believe it was a good game. Metroid Prime is essentially an old game.

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There’s nothing for us to discuss about Samus Aran’s debut 3D adventure. If you’re playing as an FPS game, I’m not sure it’s a game that could compete with its contemporary counterparts, but in spite of it, we’ve got an experience that’s almost invincible with its puzzles, exploration and platforming components. If you’re unfamiliar to Metroid Prime, you should. Metroid series and thinking about what makes Nintendo fans excited, it’s time to consider giving Metroid Prime a chance. I’m certain you won’t be regretting the effort or money you’ve spent.

Metroid Prime Remastered - Review

Amazing! - 8.4



The most effective way to write a love note to the game is to recreate it in a faithful manner over the course of time.

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