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One is most prone to feeling old when we talk about how unique the games we played back in the past. The lack of modern processors and graphics cards that were backed with artificial intelligence is far beyond our imagination. There was many awe-inspiring events, tragedies and skill in the character’s images and as much as 3 pages of text that modernizing and presenting these games will require solid casts that can compete with AAA studios. It shouldn’t be an unsurprising fact to learn that Octopath Traveler was especially popular with players of cards when it first debuted. The game combines the visuals that were pixelated in the 90s with contemporary lighting, and was used to build huge cities and vast areas. This way, it could be done with a small number of people to create an epic adventure which combines eight characters and a variety of stories.

What do you think? Was Octopath Traveler a great game? It’s not the case. The 8 characters in the story never appeared to be principal characters. The main plot that came together in the middle I believe was not utilizing the full potential of each hero. In addition, there was the insanity of the fights , and the limited content available in the open world. Why did a flawed initial game make me so thrilled about the idea of Octopath Traveler 2? Because there’s a lot of potential here. If you learn from the game, it’s very possible to write an outstanding story where the stories intertwine and each character is made more important. When it comes to side missions, with diverse solutions that let the heroes meet each other in the context of their previous experiences, and challenging fights where the strengths of each character are utilized, I believe it is a good idea to think that Octopath Traveler 2 had the potential to be among the greatest J-RPS ever.

All for one

It is possible to imagine whether or not the latest game in the series is able to achieve this level of quality will be the focus for this evaluation. If it is able to replicate the original game, we’ve got an excellent game. Octopath Traveler 2, just like its predecessor it includes eight main characters with various dreams the same story. Some of our heroes are incredibly ambitious in their goals and goals. The clumsy dancer Agnea’s aim is to be an “superstar” who has performed in all parts of the globe; healer Castti is determined to relive his past that he has forgotten. There are other characters whose tales are too wild for their own good, like Hikari Samurai, a samurai who is seeking to recover his kingdom from the ashes, and the priest Temenos who is an occasional detective.

As a tale that progresses through a thrilling plot from beginning to conclusion, however the different scenarios do not work in this game series. When you begin with Hikari the story, you’re engaged in a massive war that involves many soldiers. In Agnea’s story you’ll be spending about 15 minutes searching for supporters to support her in her dance performance. It doesn’t sound exciting doesn’t it? Because it’s not. But, I consider it acceptable as each story becomes minor quests over time and are tied into the bigger story.

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The stories aren’t all that makes these characters distinct. Each of them has unique abilities that they apply in combat as well as throughout the world. For instance, Hikari can knock out common characters she meets in the course of her day by challenging them in the duel. This way, both of you get an opportunity to understand the abilities of the character , and is also able to take out the guards that stop the doors. If you change the time into night, the character has the ability to do something completely different and can get important information by giving cash to normal characters. While there aren’t any vital tips when doing it in random ways, it is essential when you complete side quests. To bring up the same issue that not all of these abilities are thought of as unique. For instance the healer Castti can master the ability of obtaining information via the use of bribery by giving medication similar to those characters. It’s designed to work in conjunction with each other in situations that do not have certain characters part of the group however, if you bring all of your characters it becomes less original as well. The ability to use these capabilities will eventually be used extensively as you go through additional quests, however. In Octopath Traveler it’s possible to alter the night and day cycles using a single click. This way, you will encounter different activities in the same place. For instance, it’s possible to unlock a gate that is locked by thieves at night , with guards by locating keys during the day. If you’d like to, you could defeat the guard by using Hunter Ochette or Samurai Ikari. Both methods are technically accurate and will produce the same outcomes as long as the job is accomplished.

We parted over fighting


The combat system of the game is similar to Octopath Traveler. How and where you fight is crucial when fighting with turns. Every enemy has weak elements. If you come across a massive porcine, you must fight it using different weapons and be aware of what is weak. If you attack your enemies with weapons that are weak and weak elements such as a hammer, you could stun them and then not be able to attack. Also, they take additional damages when they are stunned. It’s as tempting as it sounds it’s particularly appealing to weaken and neutralize bosses prior to their devastating attacks, rather than continuously stun them. I’ll not leave without providing a reason. The boost system is also exceptionally effectively when it comes to stuns. The ability to execute the same attack three times using the boost points which are filled when the rounds are completed in the game. For instance, if you want to knock down an opponent with six “shields”, it may suffice to increase that double-sword attack three times , by increasing the number of shields. The latest feature that was added in the game Latent Power. You can recharge the Latent Power you have when you suffer harm, employ the appropriate capabilities, or due to specific items. Each character has an strengths, and although some of them can help the other characters There are others that allow you to make strong attacks directly. Similar to the first game, the battles are not easy, however, there’s virtually no adversary which you cannot take down by making the right moves when you are at the right moment.

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Battles and the open-world are a part of the mind of a classic JRPG. There is no danger in city, but it’s possible to be on the screen of battle which pops up when you travel out of the city. This is why, even though it’s technically possible to travel around the world without restriction but in reality there are some places that cannot be admitted. If you attempt to enter an area of level 20 with the level 13 party there’s a extremely high likelihood that you’ll lose most of your group prior to the end of level 20 for the next round. The best solution is to strengthen yourself by traveling more. “Getting” the items of the characters from the settlements using abilities as well as boosting the level of characters by participating in random battles are sufficient options to move forward. There’s nothing wrong with traveling for a while and boosting your heroes, especially when there’s a threat that locks you up. Accessibility issues for certain regions in the open isn’t a major issue because each location is home to a variety of closed dungeons and alternate routes that are that are filled with treasure chests and puzzles.

Road – side occupation including food

Like in the original game the profession system also maintains its role within the game. In addition to the primary professions for the characters, you can also change to other professions. There is no way to unlock some one until final stages of the game. However, they are all highly effective and have the ability to alter the gameplay. Although Merchant Partito is a weak player in war however, he is able to transform into a beast when you make him the position of an Arcanist for a secondary job due to his high mana.

According to me, missions are among the mechanics that does not work efficiently in the games. While certain quests can be quickly completed in the same city, others require the help of an Astrologer in order to be completed. For instance, if you observe a character who is waiting to see his dad in the base of a lighthouse, it’s not something you think about it too much. While a small portion of the city know of the person, no one knows his father’s name and the story doesn’t move forward. In the course of your research you stumble upon an individual who is talking about his son. However, the person never says to go to see my son or anything. If you are thinking about it, you could invite the celebration along with Agnea or another person with similar characteristics and then go back for the little boy. If the characters meet they share the stories they have told. Personally I would have liked more organized quest systems and a questpad rather than dialogue and characters that I need to keep in mind. Because of the stress of daily life and the importance of your job trying to recall the family tree as well as the troubles of the secondary characters within Octopath Traveler 2 can be exhausting.

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One of the major criticisms about the game’s first version was that the characters didn’t interact very in the course of the story, giving the impression that they didn’t know the other. The issue is still present in the game. I believe it would have been more effective when the world was comprised of characters from different views on life that are at odds with one another regarding important decisions and compete with each other on Dungeons & Dragons minds. While the dialogues between characters are higher than the previous ones however, they are not enough. Additional stories were added to the game where two characters called Crossed Paths were able to progress together. To unlock them all you need to continue the stories of various characters. Although these side stories can be fascinating and enjoyable however, they are not able to create the impression that there’s a connection between the characters in their main narrative. I believe that Octopath Traveler 2 needs more dialog and interaction between the heroes. The story begins to get boring after a while, with the people who are perfect examples of good.

If I must step away from the review I wrote and consider the larger picture, I feel Octopath Traveler 2 did not exactly satisfy my expectations. This isn’t due to the fact that the game is bad however, the changes that were made to the original game don’t provide what the game needs to change. It’s not difficult to create an excellent game using Octopath Traveler’s fantastic formula If you take the right strategy, Square Enix could have an entirely new Chrono Trigger to play. If you’re looking for a great J-RPG that is a bit old-fashioned I believe there’s no better choice other than Octopath Traveler 2 right now. The potential of the game is that the rivals won’t leave this market without a viable game for long. The game was able to please me with its entertaining characters, thrilling fights, and plenty of entertainment. I would like to see him eliminate the “that talented but not studying boy” energy.

Octopath Traveler II - Review

Everyone should play! - 8.6



Octopath Traveler 2 holds all the core elements of the first game. It just couldn't make the right choices to make it an extremely good game and be the ultimate game.

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