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Painter's ordeal

Recently, I’ve been playing a lot of independent games. They all share a problem, and that is they are not under 150-200L. In terms of independent games, I think “play-finish close” games. But one wonders about the prices. Don’t worry, I am not mad at the game developers. My complaint is directed to other places… Anyways, the weekly “What Will Happen to Us?” After I finish my verse, I want to show you the journey of an adorable French painter.

You don’t have to play The Lost Artist to play the sequel. The Lost Artist’s adventures are as fresh for Passpartout and you as they are for you. Passpartout 2 starts with the removal of the French painter who, after the success of the first game, was left penniless and without any paint. It’s because I fell for her cute looks and was a mess in the first five minutes. Fortunately, the state of chaos doesn’t last long.

It is easy to tell what system the game uses and how it’s played. You can easily learn what to do, and how to perform it, without getting lost. There are not many mechanics to learn, other than how to walk and paint. You can easily get used to the game by pouring your art.

The game begins with a paintbrush. The first hour or two of the game is over very quickly. The biggest problem with the game is after the first hour. Some of the characters are unable to explain exactly how they will judge your drawing. You can easily get lost when the number of brushes increase. He finds his way and, as he continues to sell more paintings, can consider himself a true artist.

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The take-drawsend cycle allows us to not only draw on canvas, but also on models. It was great to see my t-shirt on characters, or the car that I created driving down the road, or a hanging poster. The details in this game are amazing.


You have to find a way to get to the museum in this game, where the theme is to open up a large art museum that was closed and expand the art culture within the city. After a few hours, the game crashes. You get the impression that you’re doing the same thing. You can still sell pictures that aren’t even pictures if you have a basic understanding of the game. You don’t have to do much when you are asked to use new colors and brushes. You can use the same color and brush to make any doodle. But I can also appreciate the game designers. It is difficult for me to tell the game if the drawing you created is suitable, since I am currently in the production stage of a video game. It’s especially important if you do not want to use a certain object or color. It is easier to describe a hamburger when you say “make a hamburger”. Besides, this does not always work. It’s hard to ask the game for something abstract, and it can tell when you are drawing it. As a game designer, I was curious to see how this would be done. I don’t find it bad but, as I mentioned, there are some parts where you can trick the game.

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The Lost Artist is a game that allows you to experiment with its innovative design and style. Unfortunately, the game repeats itself after a while. After a while, I realized I had entered the “Let’s draw and go” mode. It was not something I enjoyed. It’s because of this that I cannot say the game is worth a 250 L price tag, at least for now. There are more tasks and gaps to be filled. I hope that we will see this in Passpartout’s future adventures. If…

Friends, everything we’ve drawn in the game looks beautiful. But there’s no eraser. You may think that white paint can be used, but that doesn’t work. We already have a canvas. The canvas becomes as clear as daylight when a white marker touches its own texture. We also draw scenes on models other than canvas. If you keep the background of my drawing natural in those areas, there is no chance for you to make a mistake. This was a little cruel.


Passpartout 2 The Lost Artist - Review

No Bad! - 7


No Bad!

This is a game which says "I am here" to those looking for an independent game but doesn't offer much proof of its existence. If I said that this game is definitely worth the price, it would be unfair to other independent games. Once you've got it, the game is a lot of fun.

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