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When the advertisement 96 was launched in 2021, it was extremely well-liked by the gamers. We were able to witness the tales of characters from this adventure game that revolves around youngsters trying to escape the confines of a nation that was that was ruled by an oppressive regime. One of them was actually Zoe who’s father was working in the administration. The main storyline of the game is that Zoe fled from her home as well as Road 96: Mile 0 is a story that takes place prior to those stories were told, is now released. Don’t assume that the two games are alike only because the storyline and characters are closely related. The game, which I’ll be reviewing shortly, gives distinct experiences by using musical elements alongside the narrative.

The film Road 96: Mile 0, Zoe, which we will recognize as a character from Road 96, and Kaito whom we’ll remember for Lost in Harmony, take the leading characters. The two characters share distinct backgrounds as well as families and perspectives. The two characters, who live within White Sands, are considered close friends. When Kaito begins to work alongside “terrorists” to escape the country, Zoe begins to investigate the issue and later we start to influence the opinions of the two. Certain choices in dialogue throughout the game as well as the actions you make within the world could alter the viewpoints of the two characters. They can also result in some small dialogue variations in the process of getting to the end.

Within Road 96: Mile 0, Zoe can question the actions taken and the history of the country in which she lives. She can also ignore the horrors that she’s witnessed because her father is working for the government. Kaito however, on contrary, may transform into a revolutionary or begin to wonder whom he’s getting assistance from as he attempts to flee the country. It is possible to change this situation throughout the game, however the finals don’t change significantly. The dialogues only change according to what I can tell. I don’t think that’s the only thing that matters in this game. The part of the game to be the focus is on the stories told by the characters. These stories are the foundation of numerous developments within the game itself.

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Naturally, you will encounter plenty of secondary characters in Road 96: Mile 0 and it’s possible that you’ll recognize a lot people from the original game. For instance, you can observe the way Sonya and Adam began working together. There are other characters similar to these, but they aren’t mentioned in a significant way. The main focus is upon Zoe Kaito and Zoe. Kaito. We switch our perspective at least a few times during the game. We may play as Zoe or Kaito However, as Zoe is the primary player I’m able to claim that the game begins and ends with Zoe. Following that, there’s nothing else to do but replay the game.

The Road 96 Mile Zero lays the foundation for a fairly solid base

The tale told the story in Road 96: Mile 0 is definitely logical, particularly in the event that you’ve played the main game and have met Zoe. If you’ve not experienced the game in its entirety, a solid foundation is established and then you’re invited to join the Road 96 game to experience the rest to the tale in a completely different manner. The story is gorgeous and the lead characters are great, however, there is something that was a bit off regarding the presentation of the story the characters we play aren’t able to speak the dialogues that we pick. Zoe and Kaito are both great at voice acting talent, however they’re not able to speak the dialogue we selected. This bugged me a bit.

The game Road 96: Mile 0 The game’s core game’s gameplay is split into two parts. In the beginning, you go through the different sections the game gives you chat with characters, and collect items. In this stage, the game is trying to replicate the same spirit as the main game, and it does so partially. Additionally, during these scenes the story progresses through dialogues. The second phase of the game begins by way of “Psychedelic Rides”, which includes replayable levels. In these instances, Zoe and/or Kaito jump onto their skateboards to ride through a variety of fantastical levels. While we play, we avoid dangers, earn points, and then witness the development through the tale.

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Road 96 Mile 0 offers the totality of 10 psychedelic Rides that all have completely distinct themes and the challenges. Each level also comes with scores. The game unfortunately is not able to be played online with ranking tables, however you are able to play the same levels over and over again to improve your score. Even if your score is not a good one You can still use the game to increase your score in other areas like B A, S and S+. In general, if you have a good chance of completing all the points without losing them you’re said complete and have reached the level 100% and receive S+. A bit of talent comes into play in these areas However, it’s not enough to get difficult.

If you’re just looking to have fun in Road 96: Mile 0 and you are able to complete all Psychedelic Levels of Ride. Actually there are some sections that include dialogue options however, not deciding to use these does not impact your gameplay. If you wish to focus on the background of Zoe then you are able to skip all the Psychedelic Ride segments. I would still advise you to watch all the episodes. Even if you receive an average score, I believe it is important to go through the episodes and to hear the dialogue in them. The story as well as the ideas of your characters are likely to take on an additional significance.

The foundation is offered with a high-quality finish.

I played Road 96: Mile 0 on my PlayStation 5 console and the graphics I saw were very similar to the main Road 96 game. With the exception of parts of the Psychedelic Ride parts, you will notice that the artwork of both games is identical, or at the very least they share the same feel, as do all other aspects. Psychedelic Ride sections On the other hand are the areas in which I believe the team behind the game expresses itself more free in the visual realms. In these areas , the game appears to be more amazing or psychoactive. The reason behind this is because we’re traveling through the mind, the thoughts, and dreams for the protagonists featured in these episodes.

Road 96 Mile 0 isn’t a disappointment in terms of performance as well. I played the game at an extremely steady 60 FPS. Even in areas in which visually-intensive effects become intensive, I did not encounter any performance or optimization issues. Additionally, I didn’t find any bugs in the game. I discovered that the support offered by DualSense inadequate. In particular it was not provided with any support that I could find lacking. When these innovative methods are used in video games, honestly I love the usage of the latest generation features in DualSense with the same wit However, the game doesn’t compromise its tiny design and doesn’t provide the kind of additional assistance.

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The most memorable aspect in Road 96: Mile 0 is of course the music and sounds. The game is focused entirely on music, especially the Psychedelic Ride section and the 10 distinct tracks you’ll hear in the game are stunning and mirror the scene that you’re in, the emotions and thoughts that the character has in an amazing way. The more atmospheric music that plays in the other sections of Psychedelic Ride is certainly successful also. Beyond that the voice-over performances of the characters, as well as the other sound effects ensure that the sound quality is high. As I’ve said the biggest issue I have is the characters’ dialogue choices for the main characters aren’t recorded.

Road 96: Mile 0 is a charming prequel that is centered around Zoe, the main character Zoe and takes place just before that, the Road 96 game, with an focus on the plot and the characters. Apart from Psychedelic Ride, the parts are a bit bare and you realize that the primary focus of the game isn’t in any way. Psychedelic Episodes of Ride are of such high-quality and entertaining that you put aside the other aspects in the game, and just focus on the fun parts with the story telling. It is also brief, even if attempt to complete 100% in every stage and try to collect all the collectibles you can, the game will end within 5 to 6 hours. The only thing you have to do is start with the beginning after you have completed the game.

Road 96: Mile 0 - Review

Fun! - 8.2



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