Hi-Fi Rush – Review: The very first unexpected video game this year!

Hi-Fi Rush came out of the blue and captivated the attention of everyone by combining movement, rhythm, and enthralling audio-visual styles. We review the game and discuss the reasons to give this game a go.

Hi-Fi Rush managed to be the most anticipated game in 2023, as soon as it was announced during Microsoft’s Developer Direct event. The latest game by Japanese Studio Tango Gameworks, which was created by legendary Shinji Mikami, and which brought us games such as The Evil Within, The Evil Within 2 and Ghostwire: Tokyo, is also the first game they’ve created especially for Xbox ecosystem. It’s a bit difficult to determine if Hi-Fi Rush, a colorful game with a more enjoyable and more youthful design that blends hack’n’slash gameplay with rhythm game mechanics and is an original Tango Gameworks game when compared to the style of their other games. Hi-Fi Rush took its place immediately on the Microsoft’s Xbox S/X console and PC through Game Pass right after the launch. Of course I spent a good time immersed in his universe of color explosions and pulsating beats. If you’re wondering if this game, that is known as the greatest most exciting of the year? is it worth your time? let’s look.

Don’t be you, put an arm into a location that you don’t know!

For Hi-Fi Rush, we take control of Chai who is Chai, the “future pop star” who chooses to enroll in a new program that has the possibility of becoming bionic man. This is the story however, things don’t go as anticipated and Chai receives a robotic arm that is designed to collect trash. But, as a result of an accident and a mishap, the arm gets linked to a musician that is placed on his chest. improving his combat skills by making him listen to the music surrounding him. It can also be transformed into a battle guitar composed of metal components whenever needed. So, we get the chance to confront the robots from the company, who attempt to take down our character since they consider it to be an anomaly. We begin an adventure to stop and derail the plan of the corporation which has done this to us.

It’s true that this tale isn’t just written to be unique and unique, but it also helps seamlessly blend genres like hack’n’slash and beat. It’s at first glance that Hi-Fi Rush; A game which isn’t much different than Devil May Cry or Bayonetta. There are combos that combine quick and strong attacks, airstrikes dodges and dodges, a shop for new skills and even an D ratings system. However, Hi-Fi Rush is also a rhythm game. Every second there is a rhythm that decides the tune at the moment. If we perform attacks to be in sync with the rhythm, both damage and score will increase. If we execute the attack with the proper timing everything else in the game can be improved.

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Allow yourself to be in the beat to the beat…

The rhythm we need to follow is dependent on the melody however, Hi-Fi Rush has also embedded visual cues within the scene and in the interface to aid us. Very well thought-out and stunning feature. If your not a great musical ear as I do you can hit any time you’d like and a graph showing the frequency of keystrokes is displayed on below the display. You might think that this is easy, but I’m here to say that it’s not anyhow during the first few hours of acclimatization…

Imagine this in the following as follows: You have a game similar to Devil May Cry in front of you. On to that you’ll need to keep thinking about the next set of attacks you’ll do next, and then evade the attacks of various enemies. You must also attack using the buttons in the proper timing. In short, Hi-Fi Rush can be a somewhat daunting initially. However, Tango Gameworks has been extremely smart and has left keeping pace an option, rather as making it an absolute requirement for games such as Crypt of the Necrodancer or Cadence of Hyrule.

If you’re looking for to take on Hi-Fi Rush like any other hack’n’slash games without having to worry about how to keep up. At least, at low levels of difficulty. However, if you’re hoping to achieve high scores it is essential to perform well. It’s not just about the rhythm of the game. In the realm of exploration there are also phases of travel at full speed typically on traps, platforms or rails. The rhythm is used as an indicator to steer clear of hazards and to reach the highest point. As your progress in the journey the rhythm gets immersing you with the action.

It is easy to master, difficult to master!

The best part is Hi-Fi Rush has a great learning curve. Each level introduces an entirely new technique or method that improves on prior ones. The first level is the one where we don’t lose interest, and with the next one, we do not get to the point of saturation, even though it’s an extremely intricate and complex game. The truth is that Hi-Fi Rush offers a much lesser variety of options when we look at it in comparison to the genre’s pioneers such as Devil May Cry 5 and Bayonetta 3 right now. It would, for instance, be nice to play with other instruments besides the guitar. But, it’s an insignificant detail that is forgotten once we begin playing. Since once you’ve gotten used to Hi-Fi Rush, you are constantly looking forward to fights. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that I left every fight with my heart racing fast. The action is lively and demands your full attention.

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Once you have started the game, you’ll be able to select from four different difficulty levels. A higher difficulty does not just make enemies more difficult and inflicts more damage and more damage, but it also helps fine-tune them for synchronization with rhythm. I went with the standard difficulty to play playing more, and I’m happy to report that it was an simple game. I’ve only fallen a handful of times due to stupid mistakes or against a boss. The hardest part is actually playing with a good rhythm like I mentioned earlier. If you’re not familiar with the combination of rhythm and beat the simple and normal modes give you the option of activating the auto-action. This setting is simple to use: hit an attack button, and Chai will perform various combos automatically.

How long will the story be?

It’s possible to see the conclusion of the game within 8 or 10 hours. In this kind of sport, I believe that’s enough. But, with regard to the difficult areas you’ll encounter occasionally in the course of playing, players can revisit the game when the story is over and play through the same levels to uncover what’s in these blocks, and to increase your scores.

Additionally, there are hidden objects, collectible graffiti as well as a few extra quests to boost Chai’s health as well as echo meters (among others) across the various levels. The game also has a challenge system that requires you to do specific actions a certain amount of times before unlocking the mural. Once you’ve completed the game for the very first time, you’ll be able to unlock a variety of new options are available which include the tower of rhythm, which is the “bloody castle” that is Hi-Fi-Rush. This mod comes with numerous enemies to test our abilities.

An excellent visual and audio meal

It’s no doubt that one of the most impressive highlights is its art style. It’s a vibrant game with an edgy and modern style that brings back memories of games such as Jet Set Radio or Sunset Overdrive. This is also true for the characters. Whether they’re principal characters, sidekicks or bosses, all sport very vibrant and unique designs. Chai with his contemporary hipster-prissy appearance Peppermint’s badass look, and 808 the adorable cat, and funny feel-tip-pen expressions of CNMN… The animation is amazing, particularly when it comes to video scenes as well as the scenes that accompany the boss battles. The quality is so good that it feels like you’re watching a cartoon or a movie. Additionally, Hi-Fi Rush at some places blends the game engine and visual style, interspersed with static comic/manga pictures or scenes that are hand animated.

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As it’s a rhythm game obviously the sound quality isn’t terrible in any way. It’s just good and not overly evident, but they perform in the manner the game implies. This is why you’ll keep repeating the same tune throughout lengthy sessions. The thing that makes the soundtrack stand out is the inclusion of tracks licensed from bands such as Nine Inch Nails or The Prodigy that are played during specific points of the game (mainly boss battles) and elevate them to show quality.

The game doesn’t come with any graphics modes, but they decided to provide the best experience for each Series S and Series X using a single quality setting. I could experience the game with Series S at 1440p with 60fps with no delay. Series S only has minor cut-offs in shadow quality as well as the density of foliage. Its Xbox Series X version, in contrast it has 60 frames per second in native 4K.

Hi-Fi Rush - Review

Perfect! - 9.2



It's possible to think that this is an inferior game due to its sudden release and lacking in marketing however it's not! Hi-Fi Rush is the kind of game that every business would like to have to have in their library. It's a truly original game that's fun from start to end, appealing to the senses and the eyes by its audio-visual aesthetic and well-thought out for players who wish to get lost in an extremely enjoyable gameplay is impossible to put down. It's also a Japanese-themed game that the Xbox exclusive games catalog hasn't managed to locate. In all, Hi-Fi Rush is a excellent game, and is the very first big game of 2023.

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