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We're off on vacation to the island of paradise!

In the past I’ve played a number of gruelling and stressful games. So when I entered the world of Tchia I felt like I breathed. It’s a good thing we have games similar to this when bored of chasing monsters and creatures, aliens and so on. every now and then. If you begin Tchia at times, the sensation that you’ve been on vacation to a tropical destination instantly sets in, as Tchia is a game that can be considered to be the best in the field that includes “feel good, peaceful” games. It can be played with color or music. And as we approach the close of 2023 when we reflect back, we will see it as one of the top independents this year. I am confident that it’s among them.

The game was in the spirit of New Caledonia, the homeland of the company that produces it. The animals, plants as well as the geography, culture, and music are all influenced by the area. This is why you can experience the sensation of being in the tropical paradise very well. The production is played in tranquility and peace, just as the wind blows through the evenings of summer. However, this is not always the case when you are out outside the city however, the tranquility is replaced by a touch of worry when the action takes place.

I’ve never seen more birds in a game!

The most unique aspect in the game the in a position to transform into animals, and even objects that you encounter thanks to Tchia’s unique “soul jump” ability. You can, for instance, transform into a rock and then leap forward, transform into a fish that swims as a deer, transform into a fish and run at a high speed, change into an inflated tire and then leap, or become bird and fly for instance. It’s entirely up to you However, I usually used this characteristic as an animal that can fly fast.

The map isn’t big however, you aren’t able to move quickly whenever you like You can only travel through tiny docks that are scattered throughout 10 different areas on the map. So, I’m able to say that I’m a more content from searching for birds. While the island is gorgeous and serene, I can’t claim that it is a perfect fit for your curiosity since the design of the open world can be described as “Ubisoft”. If you head to the top of the mountain and shout “puuchiaaa”, activities and trinkets you can collect that you can use around you are highlighted on the map in one step (how is that?). The collectibles can be used to boost the energy bar of your character or purchase new clothes (The only clothing you can get from chests, which means that they don’t have any effect and are just for cosmetic purposes) There are other activities like stacking stones and creating masks out of wood as well as new ukulele tunes along with “souls”. You can explore caves and raises the leap” bar. Also, the world that is open to you isn’t new and doesn’t provide a feeling of exploration. The location you’re on the map isn’t visible, and this was done specifically to boost the sense of discovery. However, if you mark the map, the mark also appears on your compass, which means it’s not very helpful regardless.

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Mediterranean night

Did I just mention a guitar? Similar to other instruments like the “soul jump”, the guitar is an additional important aspect in the sport. You can play however you’d like while sitting near the fire You can also utilize the ukulele for turning on features that are short-term, such as changing the day and night time as well as breathing underwater for unlimited time. While doing this you’ll be able to accompany the songs which are an integral element of the game, and that are often encountered when the story unfolds by playing the ukulele. Although there’s no punishment for making a mistake Also, you can make it automatic and view the cutscene straight. As I mentioned earlier that, with the exception of the action sequences it is played in “Breathe, relax” mode There is no stress or tension (I’m tired of the action scenes that I’ll probably be the last person to finish it).

The thing that I loved the most about Tchia was the use of a the raft. The raft’s use that is used for anchoring, changing the sail’s speed and giving direction felt very tranquil to me, particularly at sunset and sunrise, and which was accompanied by vibrant images and soothing music that rumbles on the background. The use of the energy bar and glide is clearly inspired to Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as well as the raft’s usage is evidently in the spirit of Wind Waker. But I think it is more than an ordinary Zelda imitation due to its distinctive style. And, not to be forgotten that you can personalize your raft, from its deck to its flag as well as its sail and towel.

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There is no blood in the game, let’s just burn cloth instead!

There’s nothing violent in the game. Of obviously you could throw stones at animals or human being with your slingshot. But don’t take it to the extreme, as this isn’t a game. (I tried it and felt terrible and felt awful :P) The game’s action elements are like this There are races that are presented in the kind as “challenge” in the open world. You can participate as an animal, occasionally as Tchia as well as “conflict-like” things that are necessary to progress the story. To be honest I didn’t talk about the plot in any way, since there’s nothing more other than the standard “evil spirit who crashed on a peaceful island vs. the chosen one” thing. The evil spirit has created an army made of cloth, and they have camps made of the fabrics across the island. (Again it’s an extremely original open-world style). …) You must torch these fabrics to eliminate the vile creatures. Gas lamps, gas cans, etc. you find around. You take on these burning tasks also but it was sad that I never was involved in camp cleaning. I did what was needed to keep the story moving forward. This was not pleasant even once, the main reason can be that control mechanisms are frequently sloppy as well as another reason that they’re not pleasurable. You can look for flames or explosives that can destroy the fabrics, either throw it using your hands or transform yourself into an explosive using the “soul jump”, but it’s not always the way you’d like; you’ll fall down, then ascend… Repeat it repeatedly. I was even unable to type and slept for a while. With the annoyance that the game controls cause, the flimsiness often ruins the peace of the of the game instances. As I was playing in peace in the initial stages in the match, I was scoring 8 . I was thinking “What If I threw it in the air? Do not fall! !!!” it was a straight 7 when they shouted because of these things. Sad.

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Overall, Tchia is an enjoyable and, above all, tranquil indie game, featuring numerous outfits and customizable options, fantastic tunes and local songs appropriate on the Island, a vibrant color palette, and fun “soul jump” mechanics, permitting you to play the ukulele without restriction after cutting out the action components of Tchia. It could be a better score if the open world style and action components weren’t as boring. I’ll also point out that it was included in PS Plus Extra from the day it was released. PS Plus Extra catalog from the day it came out.


Tchia - Review

Not Bad! - 7.4



While it is not without its issues, if seeking a tranquil and tranquil game in which you can relax when you're exhausted of the chaos of games and everyday life take a look.

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