The Settlers: New Allies – Review

Nomads have a hard time letting go of their home The fans of the show are crying

Settlers was a classic game. Settlers was a game of the past which mingled the strategy and construction elements in Blue Byte, the Germans speed-breaking, fast-breaking game that was a huge success in its second game in 1996. You might also be familiar with Blue Byte in the popular series Anno. While one was more focused on the establishment of an ecosystem and city, Settlers (Alm. Die Siedler) carried our adventure. We started by acquiring food and ore until we could create soldiers fighting with the armor and weapons made from these ore. The pace of development and fighting was around 70%-80 percent. The series continued to grow with an acquisition Blue Byte by Ubisoft in 2001. The series was a success with excellent games such as Settlers 7: Paths of a Kingdom and Next Generation (10th Anniversary) but also disappointed games like Heritage of Kings. When I was in the beta closed version of New Allies, the new game I’m currently playing boiling water was sprinkled onto my head. I was unable to stand the closed beta version of Settlers New Allies that I am able to claim serious merit! It was a extremely bad experience when the game declared “Let me change, I’ll be everything”. Let me tell you that my displeasure and the bitter taste that lingered in my mouth was at an level comparable to Disciples III: Renaissance, you’re aware. I’m not the only one with this feeling . The release date for the game was postponed and cancelled for a full year.

The game was released in February 20, 2023 due to significant parts of the game getting revamped and rebuilt from place spot. As I waited for the game’s promotional key I sat and listened to the comments of fans from my eyes… I shut the game off immediately! There was no need to have unneeded prejudice wasn’t there? Disciples: Liberation was named Disciples however it was a fun game with a completely different style of play from Disciples 1 & 2 (I don’t care about 3). I began the game with the thought for “the fans have buried it in a different Settlers and put it to the ground”.


It starts with the basics like I’d imagine from the Settlers. Lumberjacks, sawmills and fisherman, coal mine and forge… There are a lot of the raw material are shipped from one place to another. I am creating my own living ecosystem, which has an internal cycle. I connect my manufacturing facilities to camps via roads. A handful of my soldiers I previously gave stand by to fight the bandits who threaten the new environment. It didn’t start out as badly as I had hoped. The animations and images look very adorable. Unique voiceovers and conversations as you are walking by buildings and units and mind-blowing music as background. I reduce time by organizing the paths using curves. I design buildings according to hexagonal cells. Close by buildings form residential blocks. When the villagers who are the porters issue an order to build and they stack all the materials at the site of construction and then work like bees. My engineers are making their way into the construction site. My community is vibrant and filled with joy. I have a close look at the economics that is the chain of raw materials, and…

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Although there were battles that were real-time in the game, Settlers was first and foremost a building game. The right construction chain appeared first. For instance in the game of in the year 1997, there was meat needed to feed miner, as well as a butcher shop for meat and a fattening farm that was used by the butcher. The livestock farm had to produce food crops and water. In the case of example, there’s no water left in the latest game. The farm can provide enough meat, so what else can you do? Mines do not require food for extraction of the raw materials. Instead the related(!) food item has become an ingredient to boost their performance. The food item has become a boost material for them. Mining generates an endless(!) ore, but without food. One mine is fueled by fish, and the other with meat or bread. In the end, production is simplified to the point of absurdity in our latest game.

Because this kind of pasha construction decisions aren’t necessary during missions This type of pasha has weakened the nature of the game and rendered numerous decisions purely superficial. instead of building all the nutrient-focused structures to make the mine more efficient I’ll build the next one. It’s the exact thing. I’m not sure which items my workers will prioritise. For instance, do we prioritize the transportation of stone and wood for building sites or do we cultivate coal and iron for weapons production? The past was when we considered whether we should utilize the iron to make the woodcutter’s axe. Instead, the game asks us to take on militaries as fast as we can, and then keep going. There have been efforts to boost the number of real-time strategy battles by cutting down on the portions of the game which involve construction and economic management. Sure, he’s got a following. However, that’s not Settlers and it’s not Settlers! In fact, there are extremely effective war-oriented strategies within their domain. What’s the point of trying to transform Settlers to Age of Empires?! I can breed donkeys to ensure that soldiers can get to weapons quicker, but it doesn’t stop me from being bored fast. The donkey’s ear was covered in a puddle of fire.


There are three possible factions in the game, however apart from the appearance aspects, it can make significant differences. Because there isn’t a rock-paper-scissors game within the game. The player that has the most units will determine the outcome. Each group is comprised of two melee combatants, two ranged and a special unit. There are Druids who heal troops, and a mage class, which operates remote from the building.

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But if you’re trying to emphasize the military aspect of the game you must make a formation or strategic decision. But, I’m extremely regrettable option: to guard against the effect of towers, make a decoy and take on the tower together with the other soldiers in preparation for the new shot! But, if you’re the target of the other, you can use you can use a bait-taunt structure where enemies will gather and two towers that eliminate their backs will generally do the work. Artificial intelligence is attempting to do the samething, however, when you are able to move as a crab from sides to sides, towns will go up in flames if you destroy the main structures. Unbelievable!

Another aspect that caught my eye was the reality that the engineers were in the middle of a trap until they realized what occurred, and then the people ran away in terror when they were able to see the enemy. These are our most busy and most important units at the start of the game. It was realized that the introduction of the jungler into the game was not thought of in the early beta stage, and was added on the basis of the reactions that I received. So, what can I say? Although it is only able to plant trees in a closed space It’s superior to nothing. The menu for research isn’t as motivating as I was expecting: extra live lives to engineers and bonus to soldier… There is no reason why players aren’t hungry, and don’t express their displeasure; they are merely observing the robot. There was one thing I really liked that I liked in Taa Settlers 2: It was essential that the area in which we could build the building was suitable to build it. Install it on the sandy ground or on the sandy beach of the desert If you wish; the soil conditions are not important. Port system has also been made simpler. Create 2-3 items of surplus Print them, then sell them.


As of that I am writing this article I’ve been playing the game for 3 weeks, however the game is unable to connect even though I’m playing online. This is due to an error message that reads “Forest: 000008 Error” in which the game’s producers stated, “Sorry, but we can’t give a deadline for the fix”. This means that my achievements don’t count and I am unable to join multiplayer, and I cannot play skirmish. It’s amazing! This could be an issue that is regional to Middle Eastern countries, but thousands of gigabytes worth of patches a month later haven’t solved the issue. The official explanation states “We are checking”. Disgrace!

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It’s evident that the developers intend to bring multiplayer games to the forefront by speeding up the speed of an original game that was slow to develop. However, the current structure is destined to repeat. Because there isn’t any depth to the single-player game I don’t think there is a necessity of discussing the subject in depth. In the video clips that follow the same group of people chat in the same spot. The 13 scenarios aren’t enthralling. But, it is able to play itself out as new mechanics are being introduced gradually. I’m not sure why 1v1 is the only game 2v2 and 4v4 multiplayer. What is the deal with artificial intelligence? It is good news that there will be console players who have the cross-play feature within the game. This is assuming they find anyone who can rid themselves from Forest: 000008 and play the game once they get there.

The in-game store sells meaningless cosmetic items to the already costly game for higher prices that are meaningless. Boosters however are useless “attempts to milk the player a little”.


I’m not sure the producers understood the plan they had in mind. However, I’m sure that at the very the very least, one of them threw an object into a well. They’ve got a well-known intellectual property however instead of constructing the core structure by incorporating ideas, you’re trying to transform an old game that is based on economics and slow construction into a fast-paced , PvP. It’s not the type of building blocks that they are trying to improve the game. It’s also not working. The game attempts to place itself somewhere in between Age of Empires and Settlers however, it is unable to find a seat. The game is adorable with its animations and soothing music. it’s just a waste of time in this chaos. It’s a shame.

Let me explain to you what you excel at? If you’re not allergic to the old graphics, then play Settlers 2 regardless of age or whether you want to make it 10th Anniversary or Settlers 3 If you’re looking for something newer, play Settlers 7… Similar to Misler. Settlers 7 is available for sale for just a few dollar on You ask me to pray for me.

The Settlers: New Allies - Review

Bad! - 3.1



It's not every day that you get to be a part of the worst in the series. Give those old games a shot to keep your nerves in your pocket by using your money.

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