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I am a fan of political simulators and whenever a new game of this type is released, I try giving it as much of a shot whenever I can. Political simulations, which can be described as a subgenre of strategy, may come in a variety of styles. Certain games offer a game that lets you select and control any country around the globe and others take on the leadership role of a specific nation. In some instances, it is a fictional nation while in other cases it’s an imaginary representation of a real one.

Here Here, I Am Your President is a game in the category of that puts you in the position as the American President. After that, the tale of “Make America Great Again” “…

We are very grateful to have been elected president, right?

The story begins with a story about how our protagonist who will be sitting on the seat that is the president’s chair, grown into the ideal candidate for president, one step at a time, starting from his early days. While the scandals and tragedies of past US presidents are highlighted in the photos and stories, our protagonist tells us the lessons he has learned from these. In this moment we get to witness the humor of the game, little by small.

Our protagonist, in a kind or Designated Survivor position, suddenly is declared president of the USA. At this point we must be ready for work immediately. However first we must determine our political preferences and establish our priorities. On this warm-up tour an advisor will ask you various questions. Based on the answers we provide the place at which we’ll be placed across the political spectrum will be established. This is how you decide which political party you’ll be president. You are able to oppose and say, no, I’ll continue my way to the other party, but the choice is yours.

Once you’ve set your the goals you want to achieve then you can begin playing the role of president. Alongside the primary objectives ranging from manned flight up to Mars and fighting terrorists there are other objectives like changing your lifestyle or becoming a member among the masses.

After the warm-up phase We are gradually beginning to assume the leadership role as the president. Your ministers and advisers enters your office. They brief you of different issues and waits for your directions. The decisions you make are one or more of the elements of society (your reputation/popularity in the eyes of the public), politics (support from your party, team members, etc. ) as well as industry (your production capacity) and economics (your income) as well as the army (your ability to fight) along with diplomacy (your performance in dealings with other nations). This has both positive and negative consequences on individuals and their lives, and the changes that occur in them can be the basis for either success or failure as a result.

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Other than these routines that involve advisers and ministers interviews, press conferences as well as press releases can have similar outcomes. You decide who will be asking the question at press conferences and you then try to answer the question in the way that you believe to be the most suitable. The same situation applies to live broadcasts and interviews, However, you will have the option of deciding the most reasonable answer and in accordance with the notes compiled by your advisor. Press releases are where you must compose 3 sections to write the text. There are three options for each one. Try to find the one that is best to you, and then you ask God for the result you are hoping for:)

There’s another issue that is “Screech” (you are not tweeting, but you’re screeching). As president this is the very first scene in which you decide to take action and must resort to the social networks from time time. While this scene adds an air of humor to the show however, it’s a little sad to realize that the type of posts you would expect to see aren’t created when you are planning to convey something serious or to publish something that could make the mood more relaxed occasionally.

There’s also a section that you can make a choice to take action to resolve certain issues or not. You must sign the draft document that is presented to you by your coworkers and after that, you apply an “Accept” or “Rejection” seal. Then, this is returned to you in the form of road, electricity, and water.

There’s also the seating plans for the cabinet meeting, a point which even here you need to choose is hidden in. You decide the bureaucrats and ministers that will be in your closest circle (you decide who is inside the circle) These influence the six main statistics of every round.

While the techniques I’ve explained so far have added color to the game, it can be difficult to enjoy the game fully because some appear to disappear. This is among the negatives that could be discussed regarding the gameplay.

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The world is an arena…

In every round, there is an action point. In the daily activities I’ve mentioned previously we are able to take action without regard to this score. The points we can make use of in two major areas. The first one is the section on projects. There are numerous projects within nine major headings, ranging including military and health The option is to select up to four projects under each category. Each project has pros and cons, therefore it is crucial to choose which ones you pick and which you steer clear of.

Another reason to use actions points is the world map. You share a particular relationship with each country that is shown on the map. each country has its own particular characteristics. The type of activity you can undertake for each country is contingent on your diplomatic relationships with the country in question, and the outcomes of your actions are contingent on the specifics of the country. While spying activities as well as trade agreements are on the go in the beginning the preferences you have will change after the initiatives you have implemented; Establishing diplomatic relations, setting up bases for military operations and occupations are an option to consider.

There are also global events at times and you must take decisions in this area as well. These instances, which do not take action points, can cause shifts in the six statistics that we talked about at the beginning , and we record these in our profit or loss table. It might be more beneficial to have these events happen more frequently, and are not confined to one pen, however when they happen continuously and the creators did not like this method.

Crises are just one of the aspects of the game, which I believe can be described as “well thought out but not implemented properly”. There are a myriad of crises in various categories. We are unable to directly influence these crises Even if there’s an opportunity to do so and I’m not able to resolve the problem. Let those who are able to solve the problem come and help me:) Furthermore they have no consequence other than their impact on the resources that are essential to. If we were to intervene in a crisis triggered through our choices or circumstances outside our control, even in the event that these interventions produced different outcomes, and in the event that chain events occurred, the reason for the crisis might be a more intriguing factual aspect, but it was not.

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I’m having similar thoughts on the use of humor during the games. Naturally, while I would not respond to jokes that are properly used and can put a smiling face. they are a nice addition in the gameplay. However, there were moments in which I believed that this business was not working; it is my opinion that the production team strayed beyond the limits a bit.

After all the experiences I attempted to sum up the above, my primary conclusion is that producers knew what they wanted to incorporate into the game and collected the ingredients, but when they used them it seems a little complicated to me. Because certain ingredients were in excess and some were nearly absent, the outcome was not as appealing an offering as I had hoped. Some places, you get a taste of your taste buds, and you’re tempted to have a bite and then, when you find an appetizer with too much sauce and you start to feel hungry.

There is a possibility of recovering. This is in light of the experience of a month we have left behind. There were some technical issues with the game (some that are still in effect) The developers considered feedback from players and attempted to address these issues with updates that they released swiftly, showing that they are taking the feedback of gamers seriously. New scenarios and features will soon be made available to players. I’m hopeful that the game will be better out of this procedure. At present the game isn’t an extremely well-known production. it could be viewed as a fun game that serves as a warm-up for people who are brand new to the genre.

I Am Your President - Review

Not attractive, but adorable! - 6.3


So So!

It's as if something unclear has been released due to being unsure if it's an actual political game or a fun game that ridicules politics. However, it's an enjoyable game that could be used as a warming up particularly for people who are new to this genre. It is a good way to be improved upon by adding additional content predicted to be added in the future.

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