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This shooter game that lets you delve into the dark dungeons, is distinctive and insists on being thrown out of your hands.

As someone who had spent much time playing The Entity’s famous Hooks from Dead By Daylight, I was expecting a lot from this Game’s creator Behavior Interactive. It’s a good thing that with Meet Your Maker, the team of developers has created an innovative first-person shooter, and an original concept. Fight against the ingenuity and brutality of the characters you interact with is funny as it is intense and time flies through as you create your own original stories and witness actors dying in the game. The possibilities for building that you have at your disposal are basic, but the setting and story of the game aren’t particularly engaging and there are plenty of issues and bugs which need to be corrected generally However, I can declare that I’ve never played anything quite like Meet Your Maker until now. Even though it has its imperfections however, it is appropriate to say that I’m spending most of my time making the scene for the demise of my buddies, due for the reason that this game is so unique.

Meet Your Maker is set in a post-apocalyptic, Mad Max-like world with as many general content as you could imagine. The unintentional tale relates the world falling victim to an unidentified disease, and the human race eating each other to obtain genetic material in search of an answer. Your character as is Custodian The cool robot equipped with a hook, sword and incredible ninja capabilities. You gather genetic material by scavenging distant locations using your character, and then bring these to (!) Chimera. It doesn’t appear to be frightening even. The Chimera claims that it is supposed to protect humanity’s interests, however, it also urges you to take everything that you can. This is enough of a reason to attack various bases and bases, at least at present, the story doesn’t go much further than this unclear scenario.

The great thing about the game is that: The dungeons raids are in excellent condition, but the narrative is a bit sloppy. In the dungeons, which are divided into two sections where you either attempt to steal the genetic material by attacking the bases created by players, or you create your own fortresses that are deadly which the players are able to take on, and it’s evident that each side is superior to the other. The idea of designing your own Dungeons isn’t a new idea, Mario Maker is a great example, but looking at Meet Your Maker’s Doom-like first-person shooter’s perspective and witnessing the effects of demonic traps in real-time is what sets it apart.

As an attacking player Choose between three challenges from a set of bases randomly chosen from the players that could be quite different in its quality and design. Some players lack imagination and simply build their bases full of villains to kill, whereas others create mazes brimming with traps that could kill players in a flash. Since you’re a cool robotic and can swiftly move (especially with the crucial hook) and perform an amazing double leap) and make use of a range of melee and ranged weapons, and additional weapons like grenades. But it is possible to be killed with just one shot from anyplace that sends you back to the start of the show. Apart from the irritating loading screen, I’m going to admit that I am a fan of this gruesome system. In addition the system is very limited in ammunition. You have to limit your range for a particular amount of time. You can also operate from a distance, once you’ve exhausted your ammunition you are forced to leap into the unknown and deal with the challenges created by the base builder.

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“It feels great to hook around and avoid traps and fight mutants.”

Base building can be a costly activity, and you’ll are likely to spend your time scouring other players’ bases, collecting materials to increase your arsenal. It’s actually enjoyable to engage in since it does not only feel fantastic to play and avoid traps, and combat mutants, but you’re extremely unlikely to come across an item you’ve played before. While in certain areas I was able to explore underground narrow passages dotted with cleverly placed traps at other times I was faced by massive pieces of art, and required me to climb up into towers that were brimming with enemies. It’s never boring trying to master your skills to conquer every level and discover the fantastic or terrible strategies players have. For instance, I discovered a part which was so terribly designed that, while walking along small corridors, which were covered in dangerous magma, I needed to flee from the fire created by the enemies as well as the traps that were hidden to the on the left and the right.

The process can be hindered by frequent errors as well as a general feeling insecurity. For instance hooks sometimes work independently and pulls you toward a place you didn’t intend to reach or, if you hit a development when the options you have available do not suffice to complete the task, your menus may be locked for an extended period of time. Many of these problems are not that significant and when they’re combined, they can give the user that not-finished feeling.

The fun really lies in creating your own sections, and defying the dreams of your rivals who are attempting to enter these sections. With the help of different building blocks such as traps, creatures and enemies You can create whatever you want to create a dungeon and unleash it upon others. For one of my most effective episodes I’ve ever created I made use of a mix of traps, enemies and claustrophobic spaces which never offered the enemies peace. In another instance, I utilized the lava block and a variety of aggressive enemies prior to the game, with the intention of draw out the enemy’s ammo earlier and make it difficult to complete the rest of the story. Going through the sections created by your opponents will help you create your own sections since you could be influenced by the many designs designed to kill you. You can apply them to your own work.

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Being a bad person at designing terrifying levels can be incredibly rewarding as you’re rewarded each player that you kill and then you are able to return back to your home base to collect the rewards left behind by these treasure hunter. If how many players are killed rises you are able to improve the quality of your division. You can also increase the capacity of your construction by which you can make the dark dungeon more frightening. You can also observe each player’s journey to your base and observe the way they die, to determine the strategies that did well and which failed and alter your levels to make it more terrifying.

Update schedules are accessible, which is useful since the options aren’t all that extensive.

But, one of the most frustrating aspects of Meet Your Maker is that should you decide to create an initial base or use the base, the amount of options available is quite limited. There are just two characters that you can play, as well as four enemies and a couple of weapons. Traps and variants of traps are the current most advanced aspect of the game. players can select from a variety of options, and each comes with a different mode that alter the way they work However, it would be great if there were a few alternatives. Behavior Interactive is fortunate to use its live-service model was used to create Dead By Daylight here as well. Let’s not forget that this model created Dead By Daylight a great game.The developers also gave the game’s roadmap to players right after the game launched in the hopes of identifying areas where the game can be improved, I believe this is a great idea. After 30 hours of exploring and building the base of the game I was beginning to feel a bit limited in my options.

Meet Your Maker can also be played with co-op at any time. Co-op is a possibility, regardless of whether you’re constructing your own content or taking on other’s shows. Construction of the base is the same but having an extra person to assist during the construction process is beneficial. The adventure component however it is a totally different experience as the drawback of having a person along accompanying you is minimal However, the reward it offers is very high. If a player is killed during the adventure, the remaining player has the ability to revive him and having the ability to double ammo can be very beneficial. The only drawback with this game is it can be a bit annoying when friendly fire is afoot. This is why your friend could create a trap that could cause you to die or draw the attention of an adversary If that occurs, there are hilarious moments, rather than a bit of annoyance.

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Meet Your Maker can also be played as a co-op game with any type of mode. Co-op is a possibility, regardless of whether you’re creating your own series or tackling other’s shows. The base construction process is the same but having an extra person in the process of construction could be beneficial. The adventure component however is a completely different experience as the drawback of having a person along accompanying you is minimal However, the reward it offers is very high. If a player is killed during the course of the adventure, the remaining player is able to revive him and having a double ammo supply is also beneficial. The only drawback with this game is it can be a bit annoying when friendly fire is fired. It’s the reason your friend may set off a trap which could take your life or get the attention of a foe If that occurs, you’ll be able to enjoy hilarious scenes instead of irritating.


Meet Your Maker - Review

Good! - 8.4



Meet Your Maker is an incredible action game that presents a unique concept to life. Depth is a little weak when it comes to demolition vehicles. The game is plagued with glitches and rough edges and the story is on level "better not" level. However, considering that it is essentially a live-streamed game developed by the team who created Dead By Daylight, and it's only at the beginning level, the game can be very remarkable. The experience of navigating a dungeon crafted by a player who has the fear of being in the dark and creating your own foundations in the knowledge that there is no limit and just the imaginations of players could be the most rewarding satisfaction for what you've done. As someone who enjoys the thrill of a good heist, and loves watching others die due to my wicked humor, I have to admit it was a difficult to put down Meet Your Maker.

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