MultiVersus removed from Digital Platforms

Goodbye until 2024.

It was revealed earlier this month that MultiVersus was going to be shut down and come back early in 2024. The day is nearing the game’s publisher, Warner Bros., and the game’s creator, Player First Games, have taken down MultiVersus from all platforms that use digital media.

After the end from the game sale of Gleamium which is the primary currency used in the game also cut off.

The community manager Cory Taylor explained, “As of now, MultiVersus is not available for download by new players and has been temporarily removed from digital platforms along with Gleamium.”

Users who have downloaded the game are able to play until the 25th of June. The game will go offline, and online modes won’t be available until the game is released once more. The players will have offline access to local matches and can also utilize the game’s training rooms.

Warner Bros also announced that the content that players have bought or earned up in the past are going to be transferred into the game which will come back in 2024.

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