PlayStation’s Big PlayStation Event Claimed to be held in two months

Following the decision to cancel the E3 2023 game fair there's good news for players. It is believed that Sony is planning to host an extremely large PlayStation 5 event next June.

In addition to a handful of State of Plays videos, we’ve been without sound from Sony for nearly two years. We know that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Marvel’s Wolverine are currently in development however, aside from a few vague remarks regarding The Last of Us’ standalone multiplayer mode, we’ve no idea of what the rest of the teams from the first-party team did.

Jeff Grubb, known for leaked information from gaming companies, says Geoff Keighley is scheduled to host the main focus of a PlayStation event in the lead up to the Summer Game Festival, which is scheduled to take place on the 8th of June. Naturally, this gives a fairly wide range of time for when the event may occur, but we do have an approximate idea.

The claim states that the major PlayStation 5 event starts on June 8

Grubb The company, famous for leaks, had previously said in the past that Japanese company was storing its best materials for the show. Therefore, our expectations are extremely high. However, this should not be so because there is an official statement from Sony as of yet.

Sony has passed through 2022 but had not signed any major event. In the past one year, he’s not revealed any information regarding what he’s done to players. Therefore, we are hoping this story is true and that we can see a fantastic event in which Sony will showcase what players will be able to expect in the coming years.

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