The Path of Exile breaks Steam record thanks to Crucible

The action RPG game set a record for the largest number of simultaneous players. It also surpassed previously set records.

Crucible Grinding Gear Game’s latest expansion to Path of Exile, was launched on Friday, and has proven to be incredibly popular. The game has surpassed its previous record for the fastest instant player count in excess of 50,000 players to achieve the highest concurrent player number of 321,180. The record has been set only for PC. PC platform, since the expansion will be available on the Xbox as well as PlayStation consoles in April.

Crucible introduces a brand novel mechanic for the RPG action game which allows players to improve their weapons. Through using Forges into Wraeclast you are able to summon enemies that are tough, earn experience points in addition to unlocking powerful passive skills for the specific weapon. There is only one skill allowed per level, however, the reward and risk system makes this technique important, particularly when you are playing the final Forge of the Titans.

Brand New Features in Path of Exile: Crucible

It is the Path of Exile update 3.21 is out and is being praised by the critics and focuses on transforming its power from “an old titan race which once formed the first terrain of Wraeclast” in passive skill trees for weapons that push players to test their limits to find an ultimate weapon. The most significant elements in Path of Exile Crucible have been made available as brand new “passive ability trees” that you can add to your weaponry using Crucible Forges.

The branches can give players up to 5 passive abilities that range from simple damage bonuses to equivalent bonuses, noteworthy skills that are not part of the skill tree and even gems-like effects that support them. For this, put your weapon of choice or shield into Crucible Forge, and then charge it.

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When you do this, you’ll be able to observe the molten lines creating shapes that explode and incite enemies. The longer you play for, the more time you’ll accumulate to increase the level of your skill tree, however, you have to be able to defeat all of the enemies before you can be able to claim your prize.

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