Netflix announced that a new Stranger Things series is coming!

Stranger Things, one of the most acclaimed productions on Netflix will be an animated show.

Plans for the future are being developed to plan the future of The Stranger Things series, which is written, directed and produced executive through The Duffer Brothers. The Duffer Brothers are developing a new idea for the seriesthat was a hit with viewers in 2016 and broke many records in its fourth season.

Netflix announces that a Stranger Things animated series is to be released

It has been reported before that Netflix plans to establish an Stranger Things universe and release more content. The first official statement about this subject has come. The creators of the show Matt as well as Ross Duffer announced that they have begun work on an animated series called Stranger Things animated series.

The Stranger Things animated series will be aired on Netflix for the second time. Although there aren’t many details mentioned in the announcement the anticipated animated series is expected to be on the stage following the conclusion of the series. There have been leaks suggesting that there will be a game , and another show in the same universe that will focus on distinct characters.

The show, which is in the process of preparing to complete its final season with its fifth season, has had significant success during its fourth season. The show reached 1.15 billion hours watching time during the fourth season. It was the most watched season on Netflix since Squid Game. Furthermore, Stranger Things is the most watched British production on Netflix.

Following the huge success of the show After the series’ success, the Duffer Brothers set up their own studio in the year 2000. The duo, who were planning to shoot in the studio known as “Upside down Pictures” they said they would be shooting Stranger Things spin-offs would come in the summer of last year. However, the filming of the fifth and final season will start in May. Based on the information we have received, the show will begin airing in 2024.

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