Collaboration between Samsung and Intel The first CXL 2.0 DRAM that is supported by CXL 2.0 was launched

Samsung announced that they've created the first memory in the market that uses an interface that uses the CXL (Compute Express Link) standard. Samsung worked together with Intel to offer the most effective service for Xeon platform.

Samsung launched the world’s first DRAM product using the innovative CXL 2.0 standard. This 128GB DRAM chipset designed for servers and high-performance computers that run on Intel’s Intel Xeon platform. Let’s examine what improvements compare against CXL 1.1. CXL 1.1 DRAM that was introduced in 2022.

CXL 2.0 DRAM can support memory pool

The latest CXL standard is compatible with PCIe 5.0 standard and provides speeds of data transfer as high as 35Gbps. CXL 2.0 allows memory pooling, which is a method for managing memory which connects multiple CXL memory blocks to servers to create an array of memory, which allows hosts to assign memory to the pool when required. These chips provide more capacity and bandwidth to the DRAM that is in servers, providing more speedy AI and machine-learning capabilities.

What date will CXL 2.0 Production of DRAM get underway?

Samsung will start mass production of CXL 2.0 DRAM chips towards the year 2023’s end. They will then be made available the customers of a range of capacities to support high-performance servers and computing.

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