Intel reduces iGPU assistance in 6th Gen Skylake processors

Intel One of the top companies in the market for semiconductors is cutting iGPU support for the 6th Generation Skylake processors. What will happen following the change? Here are the specifics

We previously mentioned that Intel, which just launched its new 13th-Generation Raptor Lake architecture processors, is now gradually reducing its support for the older generation architectures. In this regard the chip giant that is in the process of removing Rocket Lake-S processors as well as certain Tiger Lake processors from production as of now, has decided to end the iGPU support of the 6th Generation Skylake processors.

Intel reduces iGPU support for the 6th generation of Skylake processors

In a report that was released this morning, Techpowerup announced that Intel will cease integration graphics support on 6th Gen Skylake iGPUs. According to the report, Intel is still able to run Microsoft Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 and Gen 9.5 architectures with the 24 EU (execution units) support starting from 7th generation up to 10th. But, we are able to declare we believe that 6th Generation Skylake iGPUs have reached the end of their road.

It is to be taken into consideration that driver updates on a regular basis are no longer offered for chipsets that have been retired. But minor updates that include security and stability improvements are expected to continue. The final shared version of the graphics driver that will be compatible with Intel Skylake Intel Skylake iGPUs would be

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