Flashback 2 New Release Date Announced

The game will be available on Xbox, PlayStation, PC and Nintendo Switch, the cinematic platform game will be focused on Conrad's struggle against the evil Morphs.

Following a delay last year’s release, the launch date for Flashback 2, the sequel to Microids the classic platformer with cinematics, has been announced. The game is scheduled to launch on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, PC and Nintendo Switch in November 2023. A brand-new trailer has been released, showing that Conrad will be fighting Morphs, and showing gameplay footage.

While the first game was played on a two-dimensional surface, Flashback 2 will be more of a two-and-a half-dimensional game. Conrad is still restricted to moving left and right however, he will also be able to move up and down based on the difficulty. Certain areas will transform into shoot-em-up areas that bring a refreshing change of pace, and increase the intensity of action by a significant amount.

Flashback To Debut November 2nd

In the novel, Conrad will search for Ian and tries to stop Morphs their next shady plan, which is comprising five levels. The effects and lighting look cool, and Conrad’s animations are impressive like always. If you’re unfamiliar of these brands, first Flashback was developed in the hands of French developers of video games Delphine Software International and released for Sega Genesis, MS DOS and Amiga in the 90’s early on.

The game takes place in a bleak future where shapeshifters from the past have invaded the world of the future and it’s up to the player to discover what’s behind the threat. The sequel Flashback: Fade to Black was released in 1995 however, due to the dissolution of Delphine in 2004 there hasn’t been a new game made available for the series for almost three decades.

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And finally, Flashback 2 will be released in November 2023 for almost all platforms currently available.

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