Ubisoft Studios Unite for New Far Cry Game

Which one?

According to reports, Montreal as well as Toronto studios are currently putting their heads together to create the forthcoming Far Cry game. After the recent events that caused a lot of grief and the uncertainty of when the game in development will launch.

As you may recall in the past, we found out that two fresh Far Cry games are being created under the auspices of Ubisoft and the details were provided via Tom Henderson via Insider Gaming. When working on one project called Project Talisker, it was reported that following Dan Hay’s transfer into Blizzard Entertainment, the game was divided into single-player Project Blackbird and multiplayer Project Maverick as well as it was also revealed that the Montreal Studio was under charge.

New Far Cry Game Brings Two Studios Together

A recent job advertisement stated there was a possibility that Montreal studio was working in conjunction with the Toronto studio on an upcoming Far Cry initiatives. It was however not certain what game was it.

Yesterday the Toronto studio posted on Twitter that they have joined forces for a secret update, which includes prototype versions of remakes for Splinter Cell and Far Cry.

As of now, it isn’t known when these games are scheduled to go on sale, however, given the traumatic things that have transpired within the umbrella of Ubisoft recently, we can not be expecting that they will be out in the near future. While a brand new Far Cry game was announced at Ubisoft Forward, which will take place during June. It could be a long time before it’s completely ready. We’ll be keeping an eye on the developments.

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