Sonic’s April Fools’ Fool Has Become the Most Admired Game of the Series!

In a way, The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog was able to be the most popular game of the series on Steam.

It would be funny out loud if I had been told that the highest-rated Sonic game ever was coming out in 2023 and feature the body of the blue hedgehog. The game, originally released in April as a joke was the most viewed game in the series to be released on Steam. It was most likely the joke of the players to SEGA.

It was published as an April Fool’s joke and released for free The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog has been receiving more than 11,300 reviews in the last 24 hours and 98 percent are favorable. This game made it into the history of the series since it scored the highest score of any other game within the series available on Steam. Of course the nature of the game being offered for free plays an enormous impact on this.

Sonic’s April Fools’ Fool Hits Steam

In case you weren’t aware, TMoS is a visual novel in which you design your own hedgehog and attempt to discover who killed the mascot’s famous creator. Amy’s birthday is coming up which is why Sonic and his crew will take on their own Mirage Express to throw a mystery-filled murder party. It is your job to question several characters from the infamous series to discover who killed Blue Blur and find out who shot Blue Blur.

There are a few questions regarding the possibility that TMoS will be part of the main franchise of games, however, the game itself has numerous connections to games from the series. It has also received been praised by so many people that Sega could have added this April Fools gag as a part of the game’s bigger universe. . Wouldn’t you love it in the event that this were to be the case?

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