“Goodbye Steam Deck”: The eagerly sought-after Asus ROG Ally price has been announced

Consoles for handheld devices are likely to get more popular as competition for them is in the near future. Recent information suggests the Asus ROG Ally will specifically target Steam Deck. Steam Deck.

The latest claims are awe-inspiring regarding the ROG Ally, the new handheld console from Asus. While Valve’s Steam Deck model is already leading the way on the handheld console front however, it appears that the Asus ROG Ally is going to be much more impressive when it comes to performance. Additionally, it will be sold with a name that is affordable in terms of price.

The price of Asus ROG Ally is extremely extravagant

According to an leak of the leak, according to a leak, Asus ROG Ally will apparently be priced at $699.99. The price is believed to be applicable for the model that comes with AMD Z1 Extreme chip, 16GB RAM, and the 512GB SSD. Thus, Asus’ 512GB handheld console is only 51 dollars more costly than the Steam Deck.

The person who leaked the information is the reliable namesake Roland Quandt. In addition, the reliable source SnoopyTech confirms the price. This means to be the case that ROG Ally will be sold with the price of 699. But, it is also believed that ROG Ally equipped with it’s AMD Z1 Extreme chip will include a variant that comes with the standard Z1 chip. The model is expected to include less storage and RAM. This is why the price starting point is $ 400. Asus ROG Ally could even go up to $400 mark.

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The ROG Ally of Asus Performance and date of release

It is an APU built upon AMD’s Ryzen Z1 series. In accordance with the statement released by AMD it is the Z1 Extreme chip is powered by Zen four cores and RDNA three graphics processor. This Ryzen Z1 Extreme chip has eight cores and 16 threads as well as 12 Navi graphics clusters with 24MB cache, and 8.6 TFLOPS of level processing power. If we set the numbers and instead examine the performance this Z1 Extreme keeps the 60 FPS band for games like FarCry 6, RDR 2 at 1080p with low settings. Asus ROG Ally will be available on the 11th of May.

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