Microsoft Starts Restricting Emulator Use on Xbox Series

What were these emulators' effects to you?

The information provided by emulator developers indicates that Microsoft has begun to restrict using emulators only on Xbox Series X and S consoles. In reality, Microsoft’s store policy says the following “products that emulate a game system or game platform are not allowed on our devices” However, up to this point, there was no restrictions regarding this. While you can’t download and install emulators from the Xbox store, if you wanted to download them from Xbox stores, they can install them on your console as a homebrew app.

As of now, Microsoft seems to have taken this option out. Emulator and other homebrew applications alert users that “This game or app cannot be run because it violates Microsoft store policy”.

While it could be possible to download applications you desire by turning on Developer mode, the access to this mode will cost you 20. Additionally, to play any other game than emulation it is necessary to switch back to normal mode. It won’t be enough to be worth it.

Xbox Emulation Hub Discord members are preparing to launch an online campaign to promote the issue, and hope Microsoft changes its mind. I’m not sure what will be the result though, as the ban on emulators is clearly unsettling that console gamers will be unhappy about.

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