About 80 Hours to Complete Diablo 4 Battle Pass

Looks like it's good.

As you are aware, Blizzard is preparing to change onto the battle pass game for Diablo 4. It was announced previously that the system would be limited to cosmetics. The cosmetics in question have already made a few players their mouths water. It will take approximately 80 hours to get all the cosmetics included in Battle Pass.

The claim was made by the highest level of the game Joe Piepiora. In an interview with his PC Gamer team, Piepiora declares that the Diablo 4 battle journey can be completed in around 80 hours. Bringing your character up to 100 could take longer, depending on your play way of playing.

It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Diablo 3!

The game’s creator also stated it was “Diablo 4 should not turn into a shift”. Piepiora and the other characters in the studio are waiting to let you take a look at Diablo 4 with your own creation once you have reached 100 levels.

It’s possible that 80 hours sound frightening. But we’ll highlight that in Diablo 3 you’ll need to play for the same amount of time in order to reach the leaderboard, regardless of season.

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