Created self-correcting software similar to Wolverine using artificial intelligence!

The scope of application and the potential for artificial intelligence are nearly infinite. A programmer created"Wolverine" a "Wolverine" program that self-corrects the error code of an ineffective software and allows it to function.

The only thing that is worse than a flawed program is, of course, the process of debugging. What would happen If there were a time in which artificial intelligence would not have to handle this tedious task? Then why is it that a developer called BioBootloader has already accomplished this by developing Wolverine the program that provides Python software “regenerative healing capabilities”.

A program was created that identifies and corrects the issue

The developer explains the work of Wolverine by saying: “Run your scripts with it, and when they crash, GPT-4 will edit them and explain what went wrong. Even if you have a lot of bugs, it will run it over and over until everything is fixed.”

GPT-4 is an multimodal artificial Intelligence model of language developed by OpenAI and released in March. It is now made available to ChatGPT Plus members. GPT-4 makes use of the “knowledge” of billions of documents, books and sites which he gathered on the internet to carry out tasks in text processing like composition, language translation, and programming. Wolverine’s demo video shows an image of a terminal which includes BioBootloader, Python code on the left, and Wolverine outcomes on the right. The creator demonstrates how to use the program was created by deliberately adding incorrect code, and also the root of the problem.

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sheds some light on the future of HTML0.

BioBootloader has shared the necessary codes on GitHub, and says that it is able to be used with other programming languages, too. In order to utilize Wolverine you must possess the OpenAI API key to access GPT-3.5 and GPT-4. In the moment GPT 3.5 API is available. GPT 3.5 API will be accessible to all users with the OpenAI account, however there’s still a waiting list for access to the GPT-4 API.

Although self-healing software and systems might seem like a quaint idea at present, technologies such as Wolverine provide a glimpse of the possibility of a future in which applications are able to fix the bugs they create, and even unexpected bugs that might appear after the deployment.

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