Record for box office revenue from the film Super Mario: It reached the top of the charts

The film "Super Mario Brothers", inspired by the popular gaming franchise has set the record for box office revenue. The film became the highest-grossing video game adaptation ever made.

Super Mario Super Mario, among the more famous characters in the world of games has broken a record in the recently released movie adaption “Super Mario Bros”. The movie, which was released in the United States with the title of the “Super Mario Brothers Movie” made 377 million dollars in the world. left.

Achieved a significant success with Super Mario movie

Super Mario Bros., which debuted across 70 countries on Wednesday, made $377 million in its debut week. However, the total reached 204.6 millions dollars across the USA, 19.6 million dollars in the United Kingdom and Ireland, 14 million dollars in Germany and 12 million dollars in China which makes it one of the top-grossing games adaptations. For those who aren’t aware the record, it was Sonic The Hedgehog 2, which had previously made $141 million.

Furthermore to that, the transition to this Super Mario character to the big screen has been in place for several years ago. A animated film inspired by the game initially hit the box office in the year 1986. Then came the less-than-popular 1993 release of Super Mario Brothers. It is possible to claim the following: Super Mario Bros. was the first film with a big budget in the series. In short, Super Mario Bros is about the story that takes place between two Brooklyn plumbers, Luigi and Mario Brothers. While the two brothers are able to find themselves in a mystical world when they are on the job the protagonist, Mario, steps into an exciting adventure with his brother.

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