A Legend of Zelda movie could be in the works

Shigeru Miyamoto has spoken about the issue.

Nintendo legend Shigeru Mizoutto commented about The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past as an upcoming feature film. For a long period of period games that have been adapted for video, particularly ones of the popular Nintendo series, like the Mario series were pretty poor. The exception is the final movie which, naturally. Hollywood is only getting the hang of this. Because they are no longer away from the original material, they are working hard to involve the authors as much as they can. While Hollywood is now completely committed to the video game adaptations, there’s still plenty of fan-favorite games that will not go away.

Shigeru Miyamoto teases The Legend of Zelda movie

Fans have long longed for to see a TV or movie in the form of The Legend of Zelda. In the past, a movie was reported to be being developed on Netflix however it was canceled after information about it became public. Shigeru Miyamoto, Screen Rant’s The Super Mario Bros. He was asked about potential for different Nintendo game adaptations, such as The Movie and The Legend of Zelda film. However, Nintendo and The Super Mario Bros. The studio behind the film said Illumination is the “co-creation vision” that will provide additional possibilities in the near future. The director did not say when this might happen.

Concerning The Legend of Zelda movie, Miyamoto said, “I do not have anything to say at the moment. But, we began by stating that we share a idea of what we want to create. This means that I think there are many opportunities in the near future.” stated. Similar to that, Illumination CEO Chris Meladandri announced that he’s been invited to be a part of Nintendo’s executive board, and is looking forward to more possibilities for collaboration in the near future. Chris Meladandri said, “Right the moment, we’re focused on this film and how people will be interacting with it through Wednesday. It’s been an extremely fulfilling cooperation among Nintendo as well as Illumination. Miyamoto and his team have asked me to join the Nintendo board of directors and we’ll collaborate in the near future. It’s just difficult to talk about any other topic right now.” said Miyamoto.

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