Amnesia: The Bunker Will Be A Little More Delayed

Fortunately, it was not a lot of time.

Following the announcement by Frictional Games, Amnesia: The Bunker will be delayed by a bit. But, those who have been eagerly awaiting the game shouldn’t be concerned, you’ll begin playing next time in the month of May. This is what’s been being said about the new date as well as the postponement.

After a gap of three years the game will return with the brand new Amnesia game in the coming year. It was announced in December. Amnesia: The Bunker will reprise part in the story as French soldier Henri Clement and will once again be awed by the horrors of.

It is a game that will be playing with technological innovations in the game’s gameplay, was delayed until May 16, 2023 and was scheduled to launch in March, as we already know. The development team, which were forced to stop during the development process often due to illnesses caused by the extreme winter weather, said they didn’t want to reveal the game in a hurry.

When Is Amnesia: The Bunker Released?

Today it was announced that the game will be delayed yet another time. This time, however, it was announced that it will only be seven days delay. This means that Amnesia the Bunker will be released for PC (Epic Games Store and Steam), PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox Series on the 23rd of May 2023. The extra time will also be utilized to improve the game more and ensure that everything is working properly before launch day.

The game will be set in the First World War, we will be playing the character in the role of French soldier Henri Clement, who is abandoned by his battalion only to find himself in an abandoned underground military bunker. As you’d imagine that we won’t be the only ones there. There’s a deadly tracker scurrying around.

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We’ll be able to look in the corridors of an underground bunker. While doing this, however we’ll have to be alert to both the creature and its surroundings traps as well as other threats. We’ll have to rely on our skills and limited resources to make it through.

Through the game that is Amnesia: The Bunker, we’ll be able to explore different strategies to get over the risks we face and the challenges we face, like obstacles and puzzles that block our way. This is done by placing the player’s choices in order of priority.

We are also in charge of the decisions we take moment-to-moment in the game, and we’ll carry the revolver as well as a self-charging flashlight, as per the specifications provided to us by our studio.

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