Overwatch 2 voted worst game on Steam platform

Blizzard that has released its titles on the Steam platform in recent months, doesn't seem to be happy with the recent changes. Based on the reviews posted on Steam, Overwatch 2 is the most difficult game to play on Steam.

Activision – Blizzard has been publishing its titles on for a long time, platform for quite a while and has begun to bring its games on the Steam platform over the last few months. Overwatch 2, one of the games that was added to the platform of Valve, has managed to become the most difficult game on the platform in only a short period of time.

A huge Reaction on Overwatch 2

Blizzard has had huge success with Overwatch has launched Overwatch 2 over the last years. The company announced that it would add stories to the game The company also announced that the first Overwatch will end when it launches the game. After a long time, Overwatch 2 debuted last year, but it received a lot of criticism. Although the new graphics and gameplay were a huge hit with players however, the lack of content in the game was a source of great skepticism. To top it all off Blizzard’s decision to end its story-driven PvE Hero Missions drove players to revolt.

The riots caused the beginning of a huge public smear campaign on Steam over the last couple of months. Tens of thousands of users left Overwatch 2 bad reviews on Steam and it’s one of the most slammed games on Steam. According to reviews that only 9 percent out of Overwatch 2 reviews are positive and the majority of reviews are negative. Steam does not display the games with the lowest ratings on its own app, however those with the lowest ratings on the platform are available via the “Hall of Shame” site. In the same way, Overwatch 2 is the most poorly reviewed game on Steam. Following Overwatch 2, War of the Three Kingdoms and Flatout 3 seem to be the most unpopular games on the platform.

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Its number of players of the game is quite high.

However, Overwatch 2 appears to be the 23rd most popular game on Steam. Additionally to that, the majority of reviews that were negative were posted by people who had did not play the game. Let’s look at what Blizzard will react to this propaganda campaign.

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