Samsung’s most powerful processor Exynos 2500 is described in detail.

Samsung has lagging behind in the market in its Exynos processors in the past is now getting ready its return to the name. Its Exynos 2500 processor for which Samsung has made significant R&D investments, has been described.

With the top-of-the-line Exynos processors it has developed recently, Samsung is one of the companies that has fallen behind its competitors like MediaTek, Qualcomm and Apple is not planning to quit the race. Making significant investments to revive Exynos’s image, Samsung is working on a new model. Exynos company, Samsung is working on its latest model, the Exynos 2500.

Exynos 2500 to be created in conjunction along with Samsung and AMD

South Korean technology giant Samsung that has recently extended its licensing agreement with AMD and AMD, will also benefit from this agreement in the next Generation Exynos processor. Revegnus announced in Twitter it is expected that Exynos 2500 will include the AMD licensed graphics processor. According to this blog post, Samsung will attach great importance to the optimization of this Exynos 2500. Samsung has been a victim of heat and energy usage issues in the past is likely to avoid these issues by using its Exynos 2500 processor.

It’s not known exactly when Exynos 2500 will be released However, it is certain that the processor will only be available for high-performance Galaxy devices. Samsung likely currently working on Exynos 2400 in a closed-door environment is likely to not launch Exynos 2500 prior to the fall of 2024. If the chipset does launch by the end of 2024 It will most likely be made using Samsung Foundry’s process of 3nm.

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