VALORANT Coming to PlayStation and Xbox!

Riot Games has officially announced that it is developing the console edition of VALORANT in its new job advertisement. The job advertisement was posted to identify the person responsible for transferring games for console to PC into consoles in a sustainable manner.

Riot Games, which sits at the forefront of the world of competitive gaming today, has announced exciting news on the table today. Riot Games has published an advertisement on the Hitmarker platform, which is where job openings related to gaming as well as the esports industry are displayed.

The ad was titled directly as Game Design Manager Console – Valorant’. In the description, the advertisement also revealed the strategy for Riot Games. It was stated that a game for consoles VALORANT will be made.

A console-based version of VALORANT is on the way!

Riot Games shared that the person selected to the job in the job announcement released just six weeks ago is accountable to bring VALORANT gaming to consoles, in a sustainable manner. The person in charge is responsible for playing the game with gamepads, and will be working with the Chief Designer of the project.

Then, when will VALORANT be available on consoles?

There is no current solution to the question. The name PlayStation or Xbox is not explicitly stated in the job advertisement. However, considering that the team is just beginning to build up in preparation for this project it is likely that we’ve got an entire year before us. Naturally, the timeframe could be different depending on the consoles Riot is working on for.

While Riot Games announced that the game would come to consoles, they didn’t specify if it will only be PlayStation and Xbox or if it will also be coming to other consoles, like Switch as well as Steam Deck. So, even though we’ve discovered that VALORANT will be available on consoles however, we don’t have any other information beyond that.

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