Sonic Frontiers is Sega’s best-selling 3D Sonic game

The product sold out fast...

Sonic Frontiers is a favorite of fans. Sonic Frontiers has managed to make history, not only by increasing interest in the Sonic series but also by selling over 3.5 million copies. This sales figure has made the game the best-selling 3D Sonic title.

Sega’s Sonic “semi open world” game has been a success, despite its risks. Tails’ Channel reports that Sonic Frontiers sold 3.5 millions copies. Sega’s press conference in Finland provided this description of the website.

Sales of 3.5 millions units may not be considered a “big hit” today. It is a significant milestone for the Sonic franchise, as the previous record-holder, 3D Sonic, was released exactly twenty years ago. Sales figures and a new record are signs that the Sonic series is moving in the right directions.

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