SUPER BOMBERMAN R 2 Coming September 14

I'm not screaming because that's not the purpose of the game.

Super BOMBERMAN R 2, featuring Konami’s name written in capital letters release simultaneously on Sept. 14 across the world.

Explore a brand new single-player game to protect your galaxy from tyrannical Dark Moon in SUPER BOMBERMAN R 2. It’s the most exciting Party game from the series also known as Bomberman Brothers to spice up our friendships further with SBR2’s brand new Battle Mode. We’ll be joining.


Fortress: Play online in 1v15 asymmetrical battles in this new offensive defense-themed battle game mode! The opponent must make a map and set up defensive traps in order to deter the attacker. While doing this it is possible to enlist the help of many types of terrain, wall positions as well as defensive tricks, as well as new types of characters known as “Ellons”. The attacker needs to smash the defense’s obstacles in order to win of the chests full of treasure.

Battle 64: Fight to be the last person left standing in this battle royale classic. 64 players are involved in this game of chaos and only one of them will be victorious.

Grand Prix: Compete for crystals and beat other players. The team battles in this mode can be a blast to watch.

Standard SUPER BOMBERMAN R1 and SUPER BOMBERMAN ONLINE’s classic battle mode comes back.

Create, play , and play new battle scenes!

“Stage Editor,” also known as “Stage Editor” is a innovative new tool that allows players to build their own stage and share them online to allow others to use in the brand newly released “Fortress” Battle Mode. This mod will allow the amount of new and unique SBR2 maps to play and beat will be limitless!

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The story of the 8 Bomberman Brothers and their new friend Ellons!

The Black Moon starship is a destructive force in the galaxy, devastating towns on planets that it travels to. As the threat continues to loom over the universe again will eight Bomber Brothers and their new companion the Ellons bring peace to the universe and bring peace to it?

SBR2 will enable cross-platform play and will be available for PlayStation(r)5, PlayStation(r)4, Xbox Series X|S Xbox One, Steam(r) and Nintendo Switch(tm).

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