The casting selection process has begun for the much-anticipated character from The Last of Us season 2.

The exciting news regarding the upcoming new season in The Last of Us series The highly-anticipated character is now in the cast.

The Last of Us series, that premiered in the year 2023 at the start of the series it was made by HBO and made into a adapted version of the cult 2013 game, was one of the rare series which broke the stereotype that game-based films and TV shows aren’t good’. The public expressed their excitement about the second season from the moment the first season was over as well as the new season being also approved. There was excitement regarding during the season’s second.

An actress to play the role Abby from Abby in The Last of Us season 2 has been picked.

The filming of The Last of Us season 2 will begin when the current Hollywood strikes come to an end. The season 2 will feature the character from the second game who has been criticized, Abby. The creator of the show, Craig Mazin, officially declared during an interview to The Los Angeles Times that they have decided who will play the role.

Mazin hasn’t revealed who will be playing Abby on Season 2 however fans have suggested the possibility that Shannon Berry (The Wilds, Hunters) is playing the Abby role based on social-media posts.

Berry is a fan of Neil Druckmann, as well as co-stars of the show Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal, as well as The Last of Us official account on Instagram. Since each of these individuals and accounts are well-known independently of one another so it’s not proper to put all of this on.

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Berry expressed her admiration her resemblance to Abby in 2020 in a tweet that has since been deleted: “Okay, now I’ve seen a lot of people say I look like Abby from The Last of Us and wow, they’re right.”

The Last of Us Season 2 is expected to include certain of the major happenings of the second episode The game will also cover some of the main events from the second season, which means Abby is sure to appear. Abby is a major protagonist within The Last of Us: Part II as well as one of the most controversial characters due to what transpires in the story and Abby’s role in the story.

There were some who believed that they had seen Abby on The Last of Us Season 1 finale However, Druckmann denied the rumor as untrue.

Before the strikes started, HBO management said that The Last of Us Season 2 will be released in 2025. Hollywood strikes could hold up the beginning of Production in Season 2, which could cause the release date to be altered as well.

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